A-Phi Channel (APhiner You!
A-Phi Channel (APhiner You!

First off I want to thank all of you who have came across this page. Also if you decide to help out I'll do more than expected to fullfil my promise. This channel is purposed on helping YOU with the processes and habits I have read about and implemented. I do this for the love of the process. 

My Story

  • I took a leap of faith in Novemeber of 2017, I was going to start a YouTube channel. This has allowed me to come out of my shell and express some of my creativity. Here is the link to my channel as it is, please go and check it out. I love to have feedback about my topics as well as for viewers to suggest what they want to see in my videos. 


What is this channel about? 

  • Its a channel to help others with self improvement. -Its a channel focused on the mindset/metaphysical aspects of being successful. -I have an interest in crystals and less well known methods of fullfillment. Lets just say I like to experiment. -I also include occasional vlogs when I decided to bring my camera with me.

What will I be using the funds you provide for? 

  • I plan to use the funds for better editing software as well as items/books etc. that I use to in turn make into awesome and fun content. YouTube turns out to be quite expensice and I want to make the best quailty videos possible. 

Next items that need to be funded. -

  • More books and items to be reviewed -Intro/Outro animations for the channel. -Some fun items to have in the background of videos -Sound equipment and camera accessories for field work. 

You can find me at these social media accounts. @aphichannel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Overall this is a very fun channel. I want others to enjoy it as much as I do creating it. 

Once again I want to thank you for yout time!! 


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