A new kind of wedding magazine.
A new kind of wedding magazine.

This project has already launched.

Dancing With Her is Australia's (and possibly the world's) only publication dedicated to celebrating women in love, with women. 

In 2016, founders, Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell, became an engaged couple. However, faced with the over-representation of hetero-normative wedding material, they were left uninspired in their wedding planning. With a combined background in design and sociology, Dancing With Her offers a unique, modern perspective in translating the real stories of women in love, into stories that evoke and inspire others.  

Although Australia does not yet have marriage equality, we know that women, who are in same-sex relationships, are choosing to celebrate their love and make a lasting commitment to one another, and that deserves celebrating. 

Dancing With Her sets out to be the leading resource for women planning their wedding day. A resource that displays and celebrates diversity and inclusion. 

We are proud to let you know more about the next steps for Dancing With Her, and it starts right here, right now! We are asking you to hep us out, by pre-purchasing the very first volume of Dancing With Her Magazine - in print. 

We have lined up some amazing couples from across Australia that we are itching to share with you! We are also working closing with some of Australia's very best artisan wedding vendors, to bring you ideas and inspiration when planning your own wedding. 

Dancing With Her isn't just for women in love, with women. It's for anyone who believes that all love deserves to be celebrated. For anyone who supports marriage equality in Australia and across the world, for anyone who believes in the representation of diverse people in the media. 


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