A new home for Fannin Brewing Company
A new home for Fannin Brewing Company

Move Fannin Brewing Company into our new home.

We're curently planning a Kickstarter campaign.  We intend to launch the campaign on February 8, and run it for 30 days. We're hoping to raise $30,000.  Take a look at what we're planning to say, and help us make it better, so that the campaign is a success.  Thanks in advance for your support!


We started Fannin Brewing Company in July 2012.  We chose Blue Ridge and Fannin County for two reasons – we knew fresh air and fresh water would mean fresh beer. And we knew we'd have access to a host of locally sourced ingredients. 

From the beginning, our brews have sold like crazy.  Hiawassee Golden Ale was the #1 selling beer at the Blue Ridge Brewery from the start of production.  And, within 3 months of selling to other restaurants, our beers were in 25 North Georgia restaurants.

In just 3 months, we created a high quality problem:  We reached capacity.  We simply can't brew enough to expand in our current home.  We need your help to move us into our new, bigger facility.

The decision to start a brewery came about as three events dovetailed.

• In 2004, Tom started a small home vineyard at his mountain home, and over the next few years, created several vintages of wine.

• In 2007, Tom started a TV network called German Kino Plus – a German language network aimed at expats in the US. He spent a fair bit of time in Germany buying programming, and for each trip he made to Munich or Berlin, there was always time for a visit to a biergarten or two.


• In 2011, Tom discovered that the craft beer business was booming, growing by more than 15% each year, but Georgia was 48th out of 50 when it came to total breweries per state.  



Our love of beer and the north Georgia mountains collided with Tom's business experience – we knew there was an opportunity here.



To test the concept, we partnered up with the Blue Ridge Brewery and by October 2012, our brews were selling more than any other - craft, domestic or imported. 

Since we began, we've created over 19 different brews, and our unique partnership allowed us to test a host of styles and recipes as we've honed our craft. 

In June 2013, we began selling our craft beers in other North Georgia establishments, and in just 3 months we were picked up by 25 restaurants and stores in towns like Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Cartersville and Rome. But in August, we hit a wall – we simply ran out of capacity. It was time for a new home. 


In December 2013, we signed a lease, and we’re ready to move into our new home on East 1st Street in Blue Ridge. This move will allow us to quadruple our output, and if all goes according to plan, this time next year you’ll find us in 100 stores and restaurants. And, for loyal supporters like you, each weekend you’ll l be able to sample all our new brews in our brand new tasting room. 


Now, we've got most of what we need, but here’s where you come in. We need just a few things to put us over the edge and get us going. 

We’re looking to raise $30,000, and here’s how we’re going to spend that money: 


Your support will mean the world to us. That’s why we’re ready to reward you handsomely! 

For $10:  To start, every donor who contributes at least $10 will receive a voucher for a tour of our new facility once it’s up and running You’ll also be notified of each new release, and we’ll proudly display your name in our tasting room. 

For $25:  You’ll receive all of the above, plus a beautiful full color Fannin Brewing Company sticker. Your sticker will introduce you to our mascot, Ken the Kayaker. Ken in his kayak is the official symbol of Hiawassee Golden Ale, our flagship brew. We’re planning other adventures for Ken as he takes his place in front of other brews – tubing for Toccoa Brown, panning for Dalonegha Gold, and more! 

For $50:  $50 gets you one of two options: You’ll receive all of the above, plus either a) a treat for your locks - a beautiful, locally handcrafted shampoo bar made with our own Hiawassee Golden Ale, or b) a treat for your pooch – a bag of locally baked Betty’s Bones, baked from our very own spent grain. 


For $75:  An official full color pint glass is your reward if you donate $75 – use this at home and fill it with the brews you purchase at growler stations around town! You also receive all of the above, including your choice of a shampoo bar or dog bones. 


For $100: You’ll receive an official Fannin Brewing Company tee shirt. This all-cotton navy tee comes in men’s and women’s sizes S-M-L-XL, and sports the Fannin Brewing Company logo embroidered on the left shoulder. Of course, you’ll receive all the previous rewards, including your choice of shampoo bar or Betty’s Bones. 


For $175:  Want to join the in crowd? $175 gets you into the Kayker Klub. It starts with a beer stein with your name on it, kept with great honor and proudly displayed, waiting for each of your visits to our tasting room. But that’s not all: We’ll display your name in large letters on a kayak, and we’ll invite you to exclusive launch parties when we introduce new beers. And of course you get one each of the previous rewards, including your choice of shampoo bar or Beer Bones. 

For $350: Now, Fanning Brewing Company is about local – and if you've been to Blue Ridge, you know the local art scene is thriving. So, for $350, two Fannin County artists have special treats for you. You can choose a) a beautifully crafted personal beer mug, similar to the one shown here, created by Betty Wassmer or b) a custom designed logo sign created by Robert Perry. Either way, you get this plus all the items above. 


For $500:  On hot summer days, we’d leave the door open to get a whiff of a breeze. And each time we did, at least one person would poke his or her head in and ask about brewing. Well for $500, we’ll teach you everything we know! We’ll brew the beer of your choice, and let you in on the process. And, when it’s ready, we’ll serve it in our tasting room, and give you vouchers for you and 5 friends to visit that day. How’s that for impressing your friends!  Of course, you get sticker, shampoo bar and/or Betty's Bones, Tee Shirt and personalized stein as well!

For $1,000:  For those of you who really believe in Fannin Brewing Company, we've got a very special treat. For $1,000, we’ll host a pairing dinner for you and 5 friends. The dinner can be hosted at your place or ours, will feature our brews and a locally sourced menu. You'll also receive a sticker, shampoo bar and/or Betty's Bones, Tee Shirt and personalized stein as well!

For $2,500: Need to host a bigger party? No worries – we’ll create the same experience as our $1,000 reward, but now the party is for you and 11 friends if you contribute $2,500. You'll also receive a sticker, shampoo bar and/or Betty's Bones, Tee Shirt and personalized stein as well.

What do you think? We're planning to launch our Kickstarter campaign on February 8, and we're looking to raise $30,000.  Share your thoughts, and help us make the campaign a sucess!

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