A La Carte Nutrition
A La Carte Nutrition

Fact:  Over 1/3 of the United States population is classified as obese.

Fact: Every person has uniquely designed genetic influences, taste preferences, and health situations.

Fact: Shopping, planning, and cooking healthy meals takes entirely too much time.

Introducing À La Carte Nutrition 

This is the stage where I come in. Having a family to care for is time-consuming enough, don't let meal planning and cooking add to that burden. The goal of À La Carte Nutrition is to fight preventable and nutrition-related diseases one meal at a time, while also saving families time, money, and their sanity! Parents shouldn't spend time worrying about what to buy at the grocery store, and instead should be investing that time in their loved ones' lives. My monthly packaged services will provide menu plans for three target audiences.


Provides weekly menu plans, recipes for each day's meals, and a grocery shopping based on the client's taste preferences or medical conditions. For local customers, I am also offering pre-prepped ingredients for the week.

*All basic menus are free of the Big-8 allergens


Provides weekly menu plans, recipes for each day's meals, and a grocery shopping guide for the customers of professionals in the health and wellness field. Potential clients in this field include other Registered Dietitians, fitness trainers, health coaches, and counselors.


Provides weekly menu plans, recipes for each day's meals, and a grocery shopping guide for the customers of large-scale corporate businesses. Potential clients in this field include grocery stores, gyms, and health/fitness businesses.

In addition to my paid services, I will also be providing free educational material through my website for clients who aren't able to afford my packaged services. My goal is not to become a billionaire. My goal is to see healthier and happier families. 

So now the BIG QUESTION: What am I paying for? The question every smart investor should rightfully be asking. Compared to many start-up health companies, I'm only asking for a small amount. The barrier to entry to my service is low. I just need your help in THREE ways. I need funding to create a website that will be a platform for selling my products and packages. I have already secured a website designer to recreate my ideas on Squarespace (~$150). I have also secured a hand-drawn logo design that will soon go onto business cards (~$50). Once the website and logos are created, I need funding to market my business on social media (~$100). Done. 


Risks and challenges

My business' biggest challenge is winning the approval of my recipes. No matter how passionate the parents are about healthy eating, the service will not succeed if it is not providing tasty meals tailored to the whole family. This service is marketed exclusively to families with kids, so I will be verifying my plans with people from all age groups every step of the way. I'm collecting recipe ideas from kids and adults, offering recipe sampling, and sending free meals to families to guarantee all-around approval!

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