The Dog Wish  - Feature Film
The Dog Wish - Feature Film


The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable posession of mankind.

Theodorus Gaza

THE DOG WISH tells the story of the oldest friendship in history, the friendship between human and dog. Told, chiefly through the eyes of a Chinese immigrant adjusting to a new life in Australia, the story also reveals how one very special dog impacts the lives around him.

A respected and passionate lecturer on public corruption in Hong Kong, Ying Ying is struggling to find a purpose to her life as she tries to adapt to her new role as a housewife and the last thing she wants is a dog, in fact she harbours a lifelong fear of them.

But, she has reluctantly agreed to her daughter’s wishes to adopt one. And so, at a local animal shelter, they meet Max, a dog, one day away from being put to sleep.

It soon becomes apparent that Max was born with an uncanny ability to connect to humans, even making a breakthrough with a reclusive and bad tempered neighbour, a man who is himself haunted by the memory of a faithful dog he was forced to abandon while serving in the army over 30 earler.

But when Ying Ying’s daughter starts school and her husband leaves for a long business trip abroad, Ying Ying finds she is left alone with Max. However, Ying Ying finds spending time with Max has an unexpected effect on her. To her amazement she finds this stray dog has a lot to teach her. As their bond grows, he leads her deeper and deeper into his world, and what she finds there will change her forever.

Her journey into the world of the dog will also lead Ying Ying to uncover a history she never knew existed. A history that began with a pact made between humans and dogs over 30,000 years ago, a partnership that lead humanity to civilization and one that quickly became the most loyal of friendships and tragic of betrayals. A betrayal that includes the slaughter of thousands of innocent dogs in parts of Asia.

Because of Max, Ying Ying has inadvertently stumbled across a new cause worth fighting for, but can one woman make a real difference?


Directed by Ian & Dominic Higgins and based on the memoir STARTING WITH MAX, by Ying Ying, THE DOG WISH is not just another film about life with a dog, but a visceral journey into the world of the dog, a vivid exploration of the transformative power of the human/canine bond and a celebration of an ancient and very special friendship between species. In telling the story of Max we are telling the story of all dogs.

Who are we?

We are a group of film-makers who are passionate about telling good stories that deserve to be told. Our aim is to make films that will make a difference. We also pride ourselves on creating films with a distinct visual style.

Our previous feature film is a biopic on the life of Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor and peace activist Takashi Nagai entitled ALL THAT REMAINS which has just been picked up for distribution in America.

Most recently we have worked with Positive Edge Education Ltd to produce a series of short dramas as part of an educational program that addresses the challenges faced by schools on all levels and helps all students fulfil their potential.

Help us to make a film and a difference.

Not only can you get a producing credit and some cool perks (TBA) we will also donate an amount of all money raised to an animal charity - to be announced when we launch our Indiegogo campaign.

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