A documentary - Changing my career in 12 weeks
A documentary - Changing my career in 12 weeks

Shortly: Is it possible for Azamat to change his career in just 12 weeks? Will he be able to get a job at Google upon his graduation? The documentary of Azamat's journey is going to be the answer.

We’re two guys, Azamat and Akyl. Azamat is accepted to Lighthouse Labs, he's obviously paying his tuition himself. His goal is to become a junior web developer and then attempt to get employed at Google.  

Akyl is following him with cameras, he has started filming, he has filmed the beginning of Azamat's journey. Akyl is ready to follow Azamat 4 months and finish the documentary on time.

We’d like to capture all the important steps of Azamat’s which we think might be useful for those who’re planning a career change (possibly going through a programming bootcamp). 

We would like to touch upon other students' experiences, their relationships with coding bootcamps and teachers, their goals and achievements. We will interview two types of students; (1) those who are studying and (2) those who have graduated and working today.

To bring different perspectives into our documentary, we would like to interview those people who might have a say, e.g. teachers, students, alumni, experts. We'll share their opinions and experiences in our documentary.

During my research about coding bootcamps I’ve encountered some people talking about issues these coding bootcamps might have, and they are;

  1. Coding bootcamps’ job placement % info could be a lie
  2. They can NOT turn everyone into a programmer
  3. Are the coding bootcamps silencing the voices of their alumni, their bad reviews?
  4. Do they care more about money and less about their students?
  5. Some hiring people have written (on reddit.com) that they throw bootcamp grads' CVs into trash without even looking at them
  6. Online bootcamps get your money and leave you on your own
  7. Bootcamp alumni use magic frameworks to do everything and have no idea how to design even the simplest of programs (this was written on reddit by negative_epsilon)

 We’ve started out with a simple idea, to film my journey, a guy who’s changing his career and the steps he takes, but having read some people’s opinions on reddit, we’ve decided to investigate and talk about the possible tech bootcamps’ issues listed above. And if you have experienced any kind of good or bad relationship with these bootcamps and willing to share it, please contact us…

We believe in practical education and would love to be a transparent bridge between schools and those who’re planning career changes, and leave a little dent in the universe.

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