A Distorted Truth
A Distorted Truth

A Distorted Truth: Book One

It isn't often that a revealor is found. One a decade is more than the Ravean Court can hope to find. To see through the illusions of a Distortionist is no small feat, yet no task beyond a mere Discerner. A Revealor is not limited to simply perceiving the truth, but can lead others through the webs of deceit, an important skill for dealing with Distortionist cabals and freelancers.

Tonight, however, one young woman will discover her unique potential as revealors are needed most. While court discerners and criminal distortionists alike are being murdered by a mysterious sect, no one is safe.

Those who wish to hide the truth dissuade those who seek it, threaten those who near it, and with a flash of gold, silence those who perceive it. When the truth is imperative such silence is instead purchased with a flash of steel.

As the quintessence of perception and the champion of truth, this young revealor is the most dangerous enemy to the zealous assassins, teh criminal underworld, and the very court that guides her. After all, perception is power... or so the saying goes.

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