A Contemporary Nutcracker, Celebrating Diversity in the Arts
A Contemporary Nutcracker, Celebrating Diversity in the Arts

This project has already launched.

Daurden Dance Company celebrates Artists of Color in 

A Contemporary Nutcracker

Principal dancers of Daurden Dance Company, Jasmine Wright and Kirby Harrell, debut as Clara and The Nutcracker in The Classic Christmas Story. Daurden Dance Company celebrates Artists of Color in A Contemporary Nutcracker, with dancers performing in these roles for the first time. 

The dance community is open, beautiful and accepting of talented dancers, but often doesn't consider artists of color for principal roles.  Artistic Director and Choreographer, Cassandra Daurden is seeks to change that and continues to pursue a colorful agenda in all of her works.  Dance and storytelling is about all of us. Representing the arts is an honor and we have a responsibilty to celebrate each other and bond our human experience.

Nutcracker Funds

A Contemporary Nutcracker is for every young artist, child and fan of the Classic Christmas Story. We want to share this with our online community via Live Stream and our Local community of neighbors and schools.

Your Support will allow us to pay for

Theater Venue
Pay for Artists
Technical Crew,
Video and Broadcast
Theater Security and Staff
Nutcracker Seats for Kids

"Candy Cane Seats for Little Peeps"

Support Daurden Dance and our local community with an opportunity to purchase a seat for a community kid to attend the show as our guest. Many of these kids represent a community of families from diverse ethnic and financial backgrounds and have never been gifted the opportunity to attend the theater.


Hollywood represents a kaleidoscope of Holiday shows,"A Contemporary Nutcracker" is an opportunity to Support an event to be shared through a Vision of unity for all of us. We bond through experieces in love, joy and story telling through dance. We are all the same beneath our skin.

If We Raise More 

If we raise more than our goal we will use the funds for our 2017 Project 'BitterSweet Love.' The Nominated Hollywood Fringe Festival Show, is a story telling of relationships in love and all of its complications. This show is Inclusive of the LGBT community and supports outreach, especially to young students in school celebrating their difference.

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