A bigger, better Sin (Bakery)
A bigger, better Sin (Bakery)

Hi, I’m Jennifer Luxmoore, owner of Sin Bakery. 

We’re been a custom cake bakery in Providence RI since 2007. For the past 10 years we've been making delicious and beautiful cakes out of a re-habed mill building in the industrial part of town. We love what we do, and we've won a lot of awards doing it. 

One problem with our custom business is that we really slow down during the winter so we end up having to lay off staff, and we're in a location that doesn't really have any foot traffic for a retail store. So for the past 3 years we’ve been looking for a new location to expand the retail portion of the business so we have a steadier cash flow, and we won't have to lay off our staff! 

After 2 failed attempts we almost gave up. But we’re happy to say we’ve found the perfect spot, 1413 Westminster Street.  Its on the west side of Providence surrounded by people, restaurants and parks!

We’re really excited about the new items we'll be offering! There will be full coffee/espresso service, tea, morning muffins, brioche, scone, cinnamon rolls, we'll continue thru the afternoon with cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and slices of cake and pie. In the evening we'll transition to plated desserts with wine, beer and cocktails! There's even a viewing area where you can see the decorators work. 

And in addition to keeping our current staff working all year, we’ll be adding 15-20 new jobs in the community. 

The building is purchased and renovations started, but a venture like this is really expensive, we've had to cut many things from our budget including awnings, outdoor lights, benches, dumb waiter, pos system and more. We also need a little hiring and training money.  

We’re looking to raise 20,000 to help offset the hiring training costs and get some outdoor features. 

Asking for help is foreign to me. I bootstrapped the current organization and we've slowly built up the company to include 6 talented staffers and numerous awards. We're a for profit compay and you may ask why should you help. That's a good question and one I've struggled with. In order to get this up and running correctly I need some extra funds in order to hire and train staff . We hope to add at least a dozen extra jobs we've already hired an office manager, a bakery manager, front of the house and pastry chef. So by contributing to us you'll be helping a small local business hire more people and bring a great addition to an upcoming area. 

If you like us, but can't really help us out monetarily, then we'd ask for you to share our story!  Post this to facebook, or twitter or tell your friends about us. Any word of mouth will help!  

If you have any questions feel free to ask, we’ll answer as soon as we can. And we look forward to seeing you at Sin soon! (Hopefully in April!!) 






And of course there's swag (All swag is local pick up except for mailable items such as t-shirts/sweatshirts) 

All goods are redeemable once the campaign is successful: 

$25 - Thanks for the support, pick up your 12 pack of cupcakes anytime!


$40 - A 6 pack of cupcakes and a 6 pack of our famous whoopie pies 


$50 - A $60 gift card 

$50 - A Sin T-shirt 

$50 - 6” custom* buttercream cake to feed 10 


$75 - Birthday time! An 9” semi- custom* buttercream cake to feed 30 


$100 - A $120 gift card

$100 - 8” semi custom buttercream cake*, and 2 dozen cupcakes to feed 50 

$100 - Heavy-weight Crew neck sweatshirt with our logo 


$150 - $175 gift card

$150 - (limited to 25) Sneak Preview… join us in our new space, see a sneak preview of the space, get a tour, taste our new products, and enjoy beer and wine! Takes place from 5 pm - 7 pm DATE 


$200 - Really? Thanks! A 6” shop cake a month for 4 months! 


$250 - A $300 gift card

$250 - Want more cake? A 6” shop cake a month for an 6 months! 


$500 - You really like cake! A 6” shop cake a month for an entire year! 


$750 - Family Birthdays: 6 times a year, you’ll get a 2 dozen cupcakes (or an 8” semi custom cake) and a 2 dozen cookie platter


$1000 - A fondant wedding cake (or other specialty cake) to feed 100, plus delivery within Rhode Island *


$5000 - You're our hero! Seriously, what would you like? Call us and we’ll chat. 


*All items are also available as a charity donation. If you're out of state you may choose to donate your swag to the local Ronald McDonald House or other.  


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