9Realms : Miniseries
9Realms : Miniseries

This project has already launched.

9Realms will be a compelling Fantasy mini series that tells stories of multiple characters throughout different eras of human existence. It is heavily based off of the Gods, creatures and worlds presented in early Scandinavian lore, better known as Norse Mythology. Since the majority of our series takes place in 10th century Germany, we will be exploring the conflicting views of Christianity and Norse Paganism.

We currently have completed production on two episodes for the series. They were shot on a combined budget of less than $1500. One is a 10 minute short, "The Scourge of Hell", which introduces our viewers to the mysterious army, the Red Specters. We have also completed production on a 30 minute short film, "An Evident Ambush", which follows two of our lead characters as they are sent on a questionable mission from the commander of the Specters.

"The Scourge of Hell" and "An Evident Ambush" are available for streaming to anyone who donates to this project. We've completed the first tier of the long journey to get this series made. We now find ourselves at the next step, and we really need your help!

Our next step is to produce three more episodes and hit the independent festival market. While the content we have created is good, we feel it can be much better! Wehave been networking with film professionals who have been in the industry a while, and are excited to welcome them aboard the project! Our goal is to make this the best we possibly can. We have learned a lot from the production of our last two episodes and really hope to have a successfulkick-starter campaign  so we can take this to the next level. (And trust me, we've tried to do this a few times)

If successful in raising these funds, we will produce the 3 short films (detailed below), then submit them to various comic cons and festivals, releasing them later online. Our goal from that point will be to build a solid fan base and start seeking investors for the future of the series.

In Council of a God -- In ancient Greece, a young woman's powers are said to surpass that of the oracle of Delphi. However, people doubt her gifts were granted by Apollo. Overtime, they even begin to fear her, and soon they realize that the Gods she serves are not that of their own.

The Radiance of Death -- Two Scandinavian children stumble upon a giant, monstrous creature, that lays dying deep within the woods. Connecting with a young girl, the creature offers insight as to the truth of her Gods. 

The Fateful Oath -- On an isolated farm in 10th century France, two young brothers make a promise that will be tested with blood, as their family members are one by one lost to diseases and madness.

With the numerous fantasy series existent nowadays, it is hard to offer a unique vision of the shared monsters, creatures, and worlds that would exist within these mystical universes. However, reading into our source material (Norse Mythology), it is possible to be very creative and offer our viewers a unique experience they have not witnessed before.  

It is never stated in these myths that their Gods are human in appearance, in fact, humans being formed after their God is a very christian belief. We want to offer very bizarre looking Gods, quite alien in nature. This will be in heavy contrast to most fantasy series from the past and from the present, which showcase Gods and Goddesses as beautiful humans with glowing armor and long swaying hair.

We will try to keep away from making most of the creature humanoid as well. There is such a variety of lifeforms to draw inspiration from, limiting our creatures to humans with different skin tones or long pointy ears would make us quite mundane really. Looking at the creature design of Guillermo del toro (director of Hellboy, Pans Labrynth and Pacific Rim) has been very inspirational. Another great inspiration has been the concept art for the video game series Dark Souls.


This is our third kickstarter attempt at raising funding for this production. "What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger" is a very true statement to us. Our past two failed kickstarter (and one indiegogo) campaigns have really given us time to fine tune our ideas and create a bit of content to hopefully assist us with succeeding in this campaign!

We've created a variety of content that can hopefully sweeten the deal and help you donate to our project! From Digital Downloads, DVDs loaded with extra features, Scripts signed by the crew and even art books exploring the mythology of our series, we hope to have all areas of your interest covered!


This page is a sample of what our new kickstarter campaign for 9Realms will look like. We are publishing this in hopes to find interested backers who would be willing to donate to us once we go "Live". 

If you like our idea, please subscribe and you will recieve an email once our kickstarter page is live. We really need your support to get this project off the ground. Please share this page as well with anyone you think may be interested in this series. We are also grateful for any suggestions you may have as to how to make this project more compelling to future backers!

Thank you so much for your time!

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