9etup.com - Get Your FREE Website Up!
9etup.com - Get Your FREE Website Up!

In an age with an unprecedented exchange of information anyone and everyone should be able to SHARE!

The Beginning...

First, I would like to Introduce myself.  My name is Dustin, I am working as a research and development chemist in the automotive coatings and materials industry out of Detroit, Michigan.  However before graduating with a degree focused around chemistry I found a passion for technology, intelligence, and information.  Fascinated with the readily available surplus of information the internet has created, I started another program: Information Assurance. 

However the deeper I dug the more I realized not everyone was as intrigued and confident when dealing with technology and the internet.  Wanting everyone to enjoy and prosper from this great tool for sharing information I founded 9etup LLC (as in get up).  A company created to build, design and maintain websites for FREE!  Growing up in Detroit, Michigan I have also developed a passion and empathy for small business.  I hope to create a company that builds, design and maintains websites for the low price of FREE for any business, person or cause that doesn't have the knowledge, time, confidence or finances to do so there self.

How is this possible you might ask? Well like the all powerful google has taught us information is worth alot.  While building hundreds or thousand or millions of website a large amount of information, and traffic  will be generated and could be harnessed for profit.  Profit that could then be used to share this amazing tool (the internet) with more people and more people further generating mass amounts of information.  A sustainable cycle that would allow anyone with a dream, a cause, or an idea to share, grow and reach others.

Please help me make the internet and all it has to offer available to anyone that desires to use it.  In today's world sharing should be easy let's make sure it is.


So why do we need your donations because to truly make it free we need to cover the cost of domain names (web addresses like www.prefundia.com).  Once we create and maintain many websites the information they generate will generate income to sustain themselves but we need a jump start to get that many websites.  With $10,000 we would be able to roughly create 500+ website.  A number that should be able to generate substantial traffic and information.  For a deeper look (or a website of your own) visit our website www.9etup.com or www.g3tup.com


After achieving our goal of $10,000 and overcoming the initial cost of supporting free websites our biggest obstacle will be getting the word out that anyone can have a website for free.  Help us share it with anyone and everyone and like us on facebook www.facebook.com/9etup

Get up! Get Going! Because sharing should be easy!

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