HMGPS GPS Walkie Talkie connects large teams or just families in seconds
HMGPS GPS Walkie Talkie connects large teams or just families in seconds

Here's My GPS location sharing tracking system originally built for the (SAR) Search and Rescue community now available as a consumer mobile app. 


Here's My GPS (HMGPS) is a technology demonstrator and was designed to connect teams of people from different organizations quickly in case of an emergency. Its primary development requirement was that it had to simple enough to be deployed instantly on any device with no training required. This rugged simplicity makes a consumer version of the system user-friendly enough to utilize every day, whether it be keeping up with family and friends or quickly organizing a group to go tailgating. The system can be accessed from any device that can display a website and can locate a lost person's device even if they have no app or other software previously installed.  This (no software) requirement even allows people that are lost or need assistance to quickly join and share their location on a live group map and have the comfort of being able to watch and even communicate with responders as they home in on their position. 


The flexible solution.  Like your own personal multifunction UBER app crossed with a password protected Chat Room and the versatility of a GPS Walkie-Talkie 

Here's My GPS  consists of a website that mimics a mobile application so a loved one can share their location with you from any device by simply visiting the website or clicking on a link you send them on a text, even if no app is installed on their phone.  When they close the link location sharing stops.   If you need to keep up with each other 24/7 you can use the Here's My GPS app for real-time tracking and 24 hours of location history. The app also allows users to create their own custom map channels which are shareable, live interactive maps that can be left open to the public for anyone to access like joining a channel on a Walkie Talkie or they can be private and protected with passwords or other layers of security. 



The Here's My GPS  mobile optimized website mimics the functionality, look and feel of the app and is used for quick "Check-Ins" so you can check on a family or team members location, or share your location, from any device including phones, tablets, laptop and even desktops.   The app is packed with additional features geared toward creating channels and managing large teams but it uses the same logical and simple-to-use home screen as the website making switching back and forth a seamless experience on any device.


Map Channels are simply a searchable and unique ID like your phone number.  In fact, your phone number is one of your default channels along with your username.  If you don't want to use your phone number you can always delete it or change it to something else. In fact, you can create different map channels for different events to keep your personal and business life separate.   The home page has simple intuitive controls for Searching, Sharing, Viewing your own map and of course a quick Exit Button to remove yourself from all maps and stop sharing your location.


 911GPS makes joining groups of people together on a live map easy.  Create a new map channel for a specific hike, ski trip or even a mission. You can create an easy to remember custom name for your map like (SkiTrip) to make sharing verbally over the phone easy or just leave it as a random number for added security.   Assigning a simple password to your map and sending out a link allows everyone to join instantly with no tedious join request emails going back and forth.  


You don't have to be in a Search and Rescue group to use Here's My GPS or the consumer version of the app Map To Me.   Finding someone in a crowd went from very hard to ....well....easy ;-)

 Managing teams is a breeze.  The participant menu allows you to contact or locate anyone instantly.  Click on the participant to bring up the contact, status and location history pop up.  Message, Manage Remove or Block permanently users as necessary 


A 10-minute Breadcrumb trail is shown by default for all searched for map participants. Red Dots are at 1 minute and yellow dots are at 15 seconds.  This does a good job of showing motion, direction and speed all at a single glance.

Plans, Trains, and Automobiles!  24 hours of location history is saved automatically for all participants in the basic application and uploaded to the Here's My GPS server every 60 seconds so even if the user's phone goes dead you will still have their last known position and direction of travel.  It is like having a Black Box that is updated constantly and available at the tap of a button.  THe HMGPS system has been tested on private aircraft up to 7,000 feet AGL.


Almost 5 years ago Here’s My GPS Founder, Jeff Holden, received a call from an unknown caller on his cell phone.  The call was from a hysterical little girl who at first didn't give her name.  Through the child's tears, all Jeff could make it was: "Please come get me! They won't let me out. I don't know where I am. We're moving..."  Phone in hand Jeff ran to his car, started the engine, gripped the steering wheel tightly and then said to himself, "now what do I do?"  

 Click for more on the Little Lost Girl Story

The frantic call was from his young niece whose school bus failed to drop her off at her normal stop due to a clerical error that prevented the substitute bus driver from dropping her off as her name was missing from the transportation list, and had to take her to the nearest “safe place” – usually a school or fire department. Scared and confused, Jeff’s niece had called him from a friend’s phone trying to describe where the bus driver was taking her, resulting in Jeff going through a crazy chase across the city trying to catch up to the bus.


911GPS is crowd-sourced public safety software that feels like a 911 Dispatching system in a Box.  Use it for training to simulate more advanced systems or use it in the field.  and Here's My GPS bring a whole new meaning to BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) Now your command post is wherever you are.  




The (Bike Wreck) video above was made before we could capture locations just by sending a link and no app.  All screens have been optimized. 



Here are just a few "More" differences between HMGPS and the competition

Ability to Share a users location with no app installed just from website
Ability to Get a users location from any smart device simply by sending a link
Ability to verbally direct anyone to your map while driving 
Ability to generate an unlimited number of mutable map channels
Ability to name maps to match existing radio frequency or channels
Ability to create Public Maps that anyone can join without restrictions
Ability to alter maps with markers, pictures, and notes by pressing on the screen
Ability to assign passwords to maps and change passwords instantly if needed
Ability to restrict joining by requiring permission for each persons approval
Ability to display maps to website or project to display screen in a command post
Ability to share map channel name verbally by phone or radio
Ability to join live maps by just clicking on a website and sharing your location
Ability to show 24 hours or more of map history for all participants
Ability to instantly get contact information and instantly connect to all participants
Ability to view participant status updates (speed, altitude, and direction of travel)
Ability to Integrate location data from other systems via CSV files makes for easy development


Along with location sharing both website and app have integrated communications at a touch of a button.  Place a standard phone call, text or email from within the app just by taping on a connect icon.  Use the integrated Google Firebase Chat function to communicate with the whole team at once without having to load anyone's information. Chat can send instant messages, images, videos, links, PDFs and even large files.  Send up an SOS to the team or silently and securely alert individual users.  Communications sent via the integrated and encrypted chat cannot be picked up by scanner

Here'sd My GPS was partially developed as an experiment to see if it was possible to address a location tracking flaw in the current 911 Emergency Management system. See article below about the 911 Fatal Flaw.  It is possible that HMGPS will return a users location even if the 911 system does not but  Always call 911 first.  Use the HMGPS system in emergency situations only as a last resort to share your location or capture the locations of others. HMGPS is only a privately funded prototype and not affiliated with any public safety agency.

USA Today Article -911 The Deadly Flaw-Lack of Location Data

The Here's My GPS system is about connecting different kinds of devices. If you are a developer or are a mobile device manufacturer, come talk to us about what we can build together.   Below are just a few ideas we are investigating.  


 A word from Jeff Holden the founder and developer of the Here's My GPS location sharing system and the website and app


 (Click Here for the Full Rockey and Lilly Video)

This was made back when the HMGPS and 911GPS system was in the concept stage.  This quick demo video was made in about 45 minutes.  It took me an additional hour to drag the car out of the mud. 

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