8" Cast Iron Skillet by Legacy - USA Made

This project has already launched.

Our goal here is simple, we are raising capital in this campaign in order to expand our American Made Cast Iron Cookware Line.  We currently have a 10" Cast Iron Skillet, but we have received enormous feedback from consumers who want more pieces and we want to keep our line growing and our customers happy! 
Scroll down this page to discover more about Legacy Cast Iron and be sure to check out our perks listed on the right.

 About Legacy Cast Iron:
We are a small company with strong Family values and a passion for Cast Iron. Our Founder Joseph Robertson has been in the Cast Iron Industry for over 22 years, with this long career he has been blessed to work with some of the best mentors in the industry.
Legacy Cast Iron has an open door policy & we hope that we will build & maintain a long lasting relationship with everyone of our customers, friends & family. We urge you to connect with us and share your comments, questions & pictures with us. 




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