6Fits Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
6Fits Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
About this project
  • Made from genuine Carbon Fiber (3K Twill Weave)
  • Designed for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
  • Available in Gloss or Matte finish
  • Super thin: 0.8MM (Gloss) 0.9MM (Matte)
  • Weighs 8 grams
  • Precise CNC cuts, combined with skilled sanding & polishing by hand
  • Will NOT interfere with cellular, WIFI, or GPS reception
Carbon Fiber is extremely strong yet very light, which is why it's popular in aerospace, military, and motorsports applications. Besides the useful applications, the visual appearance of the woven Carbon Fibers create a beautiful finish. This combination of form & function has made Carbon Fiber a very popular & desirable material among many people, from car enthusiasts, to engineers, to artists.
We designed the 6Fits case, because we wanted to use this strong and beautiful material to protect our beautiful, yet fragile iPhones.
What makes the 6Fits case unique?
There are a few other Carbon Fiber cases out there, but we don’t think anyone has gotten it right yet. Carbon Fiber sounds like the perfect material to use for an iPhone case, but it presents some important challenges, which haven’t always been properly addressed with the other products currently on the  on the market.
  • The first is that Carbon Fiber blocks your cellular reception and your GPS signal.
    • To fix this issue, we use CNC machining & hand sanding to precisely cut out parts where your phone’s antenna needs to be exposed. The result is NO interference with 3G, LTE, GPS, WiFi, or any wireless signals of any kind.
  • The second issue is that the small curves & corners required to make an iPhone case often tend to distort the weave pattern of the Carbon Fibers.
    • Our unique & proprietary method significantly reduces the distortion and distress of the fabric's weave in tight areas.
  • And last but not least, raw materials and production costs are expensive.
    • By purchasing our material in bulk, and using some unique production methods, we’re able to reduce production cost, which means lower prices for you!
Design & Features
  • Low profile
    • Extremely thin & lightweight, you’ll barely feel it.
  • NO signal interference
    • Precise CNC cut outs expose the antenna so that the case doesn’t interfere with your phone’s reception.
  • Open access to buttons & switches
    • The power, volume, and vibrate keys are all open so hands & fingers of all sizes can easily use the side switches & buttons.
  • Flexible, yet strong
    • The 6Fits case is designed to be flexible under light pressure, yet strong enough to retain its shape. This helps when attaching or removing the case from your phone, preventing damage to your device.
  • Flat front edges
    • The front outer edges curve edges of the 6Fits case curve straight out. This gives the edges of your iPhone added protection. As a neat bonus, it also gives you a look at the Carbon weave from the side profile*. *The weave is not as noticeable on the matte case.
  • Gloss or Matte
    • Want to see to the beautiful Carbon Fiber weaves and a shiny finish? Go for Gloss!
    • Want something a little less flashy, and a little more grippy? Make it Matte!
Backer Rewards
  • $1
    • THANK YOU! Every dollar helps
  • $50
    • iPhone 6 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL- Save $25!
    • iPhone 6 Carbon Fiber Case
    • Choice of Gloss or Matte
  • $55
    • iPhone 6 Plus EARLY BIRD SPECIAL- Save $25!
    • iPhone 6 Plus Carbon Fiber Case
    • Choice of Gloss or Matte
  • $75
    • iPhone 6 Carbon Fiber Case
    • Choice of Gloss or Matte
  • $80
    • iPhone 6 Plus Carbon Fiber Case
    • Choice of Gloss or Matte
  • $140
    • Gloss & Matte Combo- Save $10
    • Get 1 Gloss & 1 Matte Carbon Fiber Case for the iPhone 6
  • $150
    • Gloss & Matte Combo- Save $10
    • Get 1 Gloss & 1 Matte Carbon Fiber Case for the iPhone 6

  • October 2014 - March 2015: Design & Prototyping
  • March - July 2015: Prototype testing & revisions
  • July 2015: Kickstarter
  • August 2015: Survey of backers
  • Early-September 2015: Mold & CNC setup
  • Late-September 2015: Test production runs & quality control
  • Early-October 2015: Production & quality control
  • Mid-October 2015: Shipping!


How we will use your Support
The cases are ready for production, the only thing missing is the funds to make it happen. The money raised from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to:
  • Buy the Carbon Fiber & epoxy resin material in bulk (to reduce material cost).
  • Create the appropriate molds & CNC programming (to begin production of the cases with enough capacity so that we can fulfill all backers’ orders in time)
  • Quality Control (ensure the consistency of the end product, train & manage craftsmen to ensure consistent sanding & polishing patterns to avoid defects)
  • Packaging (a very tiny portion of your backing will be used to properly package the product so that it looks nice, and is protected during shipment)
Risks and challenges
We’ve already completed the design, made several prototypes, and tested the durability & longevity of the case. We have suppliers and producers lined up and committed to our project, so the the 6Fits case is ready for production.
We’re prepared for various backer order quantities, in case we exceed our goal, we’ll have additional material & labour ready to meet the extra demand.
The design & the mold have been pre-approved by our producers.
There is very little foreseeable risk. We’ve got the material and the manufacturing resources. We’ve tested & revised the product to very high standards. We’ve carefully planned our Kickstarter to avoid surprises & to ensure we deliver everything we promise to our backers.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks for checking out 6Fits!
  • Why should I back you?
    • Because we’ve thoroughly researched the design, material, and production process. We feel that we’re the first to use this material properly in such an application. We’re honest & upfront about the 6Fits case, and we welcome any questions or concerns of yours. Plus, this will be the first of many awesome Carbon Fiber products we plan to make.
  • How do I pledge for more than 1 reward?
    • If you want more than one of the rewards, say an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPhone 6 case, all you need to do is back for the combined total and select the more expensive of the rewards you choose. When we finish our campaign, we will send out a survey and you can let us know what other products you would like to add to your pledge!
  • How is it made?
    • A single layer of 3K twill weave Carbon Fiber fabric is molded into a case with no cut outs or openings. It is then CNC machined to open up all ports, buttons, and other physical features. If you’ve chosen the matte finish, an extra coating is applied to achieve the finish. The cases are then inspected for conformance to design specifications.
  • Where is it made?
    • We looked at local & overseas producers, and found that local shops weren’t able to produce the case at an affordable price, so we decided to look at several Chinese manufacturers. We considered several producers with experience in everything from automotive parts, to phone cases. We eventually settled on a manufacturer of automotive accessories that is experienced in producing carbon fiber parts for luxury & sports cars. After doing a few samples & test runs, and working out the details, we are confident that they are the right choice in helping us bring our cool ideas to you.
  • How durable is the 6Fits case?
    • It’s very durable, especially when you take into consideration how thin & light it is, but it’s not indestructible. While it’s much stronger than a traditional plastic case, it’s still possible to break, scratch, or chip the case, albeit much harder than a typical plastic case. We still recommend taking care of the 6Fits case as you normally would.
  • Does it block signal?
    • No. The cut outs you see at the top and bottom are not only for looks, but they also free up the antenna so that they work uninterrupted. We thoroughly tested the before & after signal when using the case, and didn’t find any issues.
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