60X Field Microscope
60X Field Microscope

Turn your Phone into a Microscope!

You can explore the world in 60x with our clip-on Phone Microscope.

Every thing looks awesome in 60x. But not every Phone Magnifier is awesome. Many attempts to magnify with a single lens creating less than satisfactory images.

What we do we know about phone Microscopes?

We are pioneers in the transformative use of currency checking microscopes into tools of exploration. We have run hundreds of workshops with schools and museums and science events as you can see here > www.60x.co . Through this experience, we realized the limitations of the current version. So we developed our own.

How is our Clip-on 60x Different?

  • We use a multi lens system to create a crisp magnified image with much less spherical and chromatic aberration
  • Fullscreen image 
  • No external lighting (we use your camera flash light)
  • Easy to use

For whom is this?

We are still discovering this. We have run many many sessions with a previous version of the 60x lens in over 30 schools and museums world wide. We have found that kids, parents and grandparents enjoy exploring the word in 60x. It is a definite win with kids.

Who Else is using it?

  • Gardeners and Farmers - to identify bugs
  • Doctors - to take a closer look at skin and eyes
  • Naturalist - to take on trips
  • Museums - to run sessions with kids
  • Schools - to let kids explore
  • Universities - as a lab tool
  • Citizen Science - to turbo charge exploration
  • Electronics Repair - to identify faults

Why should you be not using it? 

Be the first to know. Sign up because we are releasing only a limited numbers of the lens that we can 3D print.

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