5Axis CNC Machined Titanium Wedding Rings - TitanRingDesigns
5Axis CNC Machined Titanium Wedding Rings - TitanRingDesigns

Wedding Rings for men have traditionally been a solid band, formed by molds or castings, and while many today have tried to personalize them with different materials or internal and external patterns, they are still made with casts or molds, they are still a solid band, and... they are still boring.

CNC Machines and advanced 3D Software have opened doors to industry and have provided much of the mechanical world around us. These technologies have been harnessed by large companies to provide us with the precision needed to make things like the engine in your car, a multi-million dollar fighter jet or spacecraft, a roller coaster at your local theme park, the titanium implants in reconstruction surgeries, or even something as simple as the mold used to create your TV's remote.

I am using this technology to create a new breed of men's wedding rings, rings that aren't made using a casting and spun on a sprue tree, or high-pressure molded into dull tungsten carbide. These rings begin life as a solid block or bar of Grade 5 (6AL-4V) Titanium, the same stuff used in rocket boosters, surgical implants, and now the finest men's wedding rings available. These blocks are carved out using state of the art 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machines after being constructed and perfected in 3 dimensional space.

Each of my Tri-tanium Rings are comprised of 25 pieces; 12 outer triangular pieces, an inner band, and 12 stainless steel countersunk screws, delivering a geometrical work of art that can be compared to nothing else.


As a college student trying to start this business, it has been a great sacrifice to have prototypes made on a 5 axis CNC mill, not only in funding, but also in lead time. It took 4 months from the time I submitted my project to hold a finished prototype in my hand. As someone looking to start a business in this, that is unacceptable. I need to be able to have these rings made and sent to a customer within a week or two. Weddings are a bid deal, and waiting months for a wedding ring should not be an issue. 

In order for me to be able to reach this goal, I need to purchase my own CNC machine. I have several years experience as a CNC machinist and owning a small Haas machine would allow me to make my rings from home at my own convenience. This is the best way for me to provide a beautiful product to my customers in a timely manner. This is quite difficult, however, due to the cost of the machine and tooling I need to buy.

So for this reason, I am here looking for help to fund this necessary equipment purchase.

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