50 States Infographic Project
50 States Infographic Project

This project has already launched.


I want to create infographics for all 50 U.S. states before this Kickstarter ends. I will update this page with new state infographics every week (click here for larger images).

Scroll to the bottom for more states. 

Show some love to your favorite state by pledging for the infographic of your choice! Once this Kickstarter campaign ends, you will be able to complete a survey to choose which state/s you want! Get your design printed as an art print or wrapped canvas.

Don’t see the size you want? Message or email me at hello@puffpaperco.com

Don't worry if you can't find your state infographic here! I will be designing all 50 U.S. states so your state will definitely be available before this Kickstarter ends. I will post updates every time I finish a set of 10 states. Leave a comment or email me at hello@puffpaperco.com if you are feeling impatient and want me to design your state sooner! 

Feel free to leave any fun and interesting trivia about your state in the "comments" section and I might include them in the designs!


I am having a blast learning about the history and interesting trivia about each state!

I am a graphic designer based in NYC. I recently launched puffpaperco.com specializing in custom maps and infographics. I am super excited to dedicate my next 30 days to this project. It will take a lot of work to design all 50 states and it will be amazing to receive support from you via Kickstarter.


Risks and challenges

We have partnered with an amazing printer in California. Our art prints and wrapped canvases are guaranteed to ship quickly after the campaign ends!

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