5 upselling reasons why your restaurant needs a mobile app
5 upselling reasons why your restaurant needs a mobile app

Restaurant mobile app development has tumbled out of its nascent stages. It has taken the fast lane and is gathering pace around the world at maddening growth rates.

"83% of smartphone users in the US use a smartphone in making dining decisions while traveling"

OK! We have tons of other similar statistics from Google Shopper Marketing Council, National Restaurant Association, Technomic and other sources that prove why a mobile app is necessary for modern-day restaurants.

The bottomline is mobile app development is crucial for success.

A restaurant ordering app makes things easier for both restaurants and customers; or guests as some restaurants call them.

The need for hotel owners to build restaurant ordering app is severe considering the fact that 40% of the millennial population prefer quick service through mobile orders. Allow me to list down 5 solid reasons why every restaurant owner must quit citing excuses and start investing in restaurant app development.

Reason#1: Hyper-localized reach

A mobile app will help restaurants to push notifications about ongoing and upcoming deals to increase footfalls and order sizes.

In fact, there are restaurants who converted their idle business hours into profitable business sessions by sending special offers to customers who are within a short distance of the restaurant.

App facilities like geolocation, BLE, social media mentions, etc. do aid in improving business for a restaurant.

Reason#2: Mobile-user-orders

46% of smartphone users agree to have tried a new dish based on recommendations churned out by a restaurant app.

The mobile app of a restaurant can induce customers to create customized orders that are otherwise missed in a crowded and tiny-print menu card.

Secondly, a mobile app, instead of a responsive web design makes it easy for customers to access, search and find dishes.

Reason#3: Proactive guest service

Customer needs and expectations in a restaurant is impromptu and often impossible to meet within a short span of time.

A restaurant app can throw to winds such difficulties. It helps the restaurant to gear up for the best service possible.

The restaurant can select the guest-preferred table and arrange the dishes in an appealing manner within the time window when the guest will make the appearance.

Reason#4: Increased customer referrals

What happens when a restaurant is able to make all (or at least a vast majority) of its guests happy? Guests will refer the restaurant to all whom they know.

The same happens when a restaurant creates an app to delivery customer service.

When users find that they are able to get delicious dishes delivered quickly using a restaurant finder app or a food delivery app; they refer it to their friends. The next big party order for a restaurant can possibly come from an app.

Reason#5: Social sharing and user reviews

31% of the millennials are more attracted towards brands that generate customized online content. This in turn drives social sharing and publicizing.

A restaurant app can help portray and handsome image for the brand in the social medium. User reviews broadcasted to the whole world through mobile apps also drives footfall count.

Well, 5 is too short a number to hail the benefits that a restaurant app can give you. But these 5 benefits can certainly make a difference to your business, no matter what scale it is.

Stop KOTing. Gift your customers the convenience of ordering with a dedicated mobile app.

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