4Privacy Stick
4Privacy Stick

The Why  

Being online has become a natural event in everyday life, from talking to friends, searching for the must-have items to playing games, banking and even applying for a job. But how secure is your surfing data? How confident are you at letting someone see your entire life laid out in public?

Every time you open a web browser, your data is being collected without your knowledge. From farming the data to understand your browsing habits to deciding if you are worth investigating or even arresting, to selling the information to retailers to increase your insurance premium, decline you credit or even sack you from your job.

Everything you do on your computer is saved and traceable. You are being tracked in every aspect of your online life and decisions are being made on your future based on your surfing habits. Emails are being read and monitored, messages are being intercepted and a profile is stored every time you search for something you thought was private. We believe in privacy. 

We believe that you have the right to be private online and to not have your private life displayed for the highest bidder. We believe in keeping your private life private and now you can do just that, permanently. 

What is 4Privacy?

4Privacy was created to protect privacy. It allows you to be online in a private ‘bubble.’ You are anonymous, unknown and un-trackable. The information you download, read and save cannot be traced, found or discovered on your computer in any of the files, history or hard drive. You can not only keep private online but you can communicate privately through encrypted email from 4Privacy Stick to 4Privacy stick. Nothing is saved on your computer, or the computer you choose to use – at work, in the library or even in the middle of the town centre at an internet café. 

 With a 2 stage log on and encryption throughout the stick, you simply plug in your computer and follow the onscreen instructions, it is as simple as this:- 

  • Plug in the 4Privacy stick into your USB port
  • Follow the instructions on screen, your computer will restart
  • You are now no longer working on your computer, but via the 4Privacy stick
  • Everything you do online, from surfing the net, downloading images or sending messages is now private and un-trackable
  •  No data can be linked back to the computer you are using as you are not working on the hard drive any longer, everything is being powered by the 4Privacy stick
  • You can communicate from one 4Privacy stick to another in complete privacy through encrypted email – nothing is stored or traced back to your computer 

The 4Privacy stick becomes your operating system. You are no longer working off your computer’s operating system – therefore your entire surfing history, downloads and communication is linked only to your 4Privacy stick.  

What now?

We are ready to launch our product, and this is where we need your help and interest! We need the funds being raised to complete the manufacturing of the product and to bring it to market in order to fulfill orders placed by you! We have invested considerable amounts designing, testing and making the technology work and now we need your help. 

The Cost

Priced at £79.99  - 4Privacy is the affordable solution available to everyone.


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