48 Piece Foam Pouch Moving Kit
48 Piece Foam Pouch Moving Kit

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Introducing Packaplate, a complete all in one foam pouch protection kit for all your kitchenware and precious items.

Forget using newspaper, it is dirty and bulky because you need a lot of it and it provides minimal protection for your dinnerware & glassware plus a real time waster when packing and cleaning those black marks left on your dishes & glasses as well as your hands.

4 x Pre-cut sizes

Each Kit contains 48 pre-cut 2mm total thickness (1mm each side) foam pouches, high quality, shock absorbing, protective, water resistant, anti-static & reusable , 4 unique sizes designed to move plates, bowls, saucers, mugs, cups, glasses and wine glasses + precious household items.

12 x 30cm * 30cm = dinner plates & large bowls

12x 25cm * 25cm = medium bowls, side plates and large coffee & beer mugs

12x 20cm * 20cm = glasses, saucers and small coffee mugs

12x 15cm * 30cm = wine glasses, champagne glasses & beer schooners

Making Moving easy

Save time, money, and stress by using a simple but effective method of moving house, better protection than newspaper, more compact than bubble wrap, packing paper & newspaper combined, provides compact & efficient storage, fit more into your moving box. Nothing to throw away after the move

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