4 Order Handling Best Practices You Can Adopt Using Contalog B2B eCommerce Platform
4 Order Handling Best Practices You Can Adopt Using Contalog B2B eCommerce Platform

Best Practices for B2B eCommerce Platform

B2B orders won per day may not be as many as B2C but the complexities in handling orders are more. B2B order handling needs to be sequential and your fulfillment process should follow the rhythm in order to make sure there is no flaw.

Here are a few b2b eCommerce best practices that can finetune your order handling process and earn more orders using Contalog B2B eCommerce platform

1. Provisions for ‘Multi-level’ Order Approval

Order approvals in B2B often involve two or more authorities from a same business. For instance a purchase order will be placed by a procurement personnel and then this order will be sent to a finance head for approval. The finance official representing the same business will make the payment.

This is a regular B2B eCommerce ordering and payment process and with Contalog you can get it done with easily. Contalog supports multi-level order approval process that makes easy for you to keep track of when an order is placed and are the payment done on time.

2. Segmenting Order Processing As Per The Convenience Of Your Customers

Processing order partially is one of the b2b eCommerce best practices which will be loved by most of the customers. As the purchase volumes are high, your B2B clients will always not be in a position to pay and procure all the products in a order at one go. In such cases, Contalog eCommerce platform for B2B provides a partial order processing system that let’s a single or specific number of products to be shipped.

Payment acceptance, raising invoices, adjusting the stock number appropriately and everything else connected to the products that have been shipped will be updated leaving no room for doubts.

Order editing can also be done using Contalog B2B eCommerce platform as and when an order is processed. Adding or minusing products from an order is very direct in Contalog B2B eCommerce order management software and so such adjustment can be done without the need for creating a new order.

3. Offline Payment Methods

Another payment liberty which can be offered to finetune your B2B eCommerce portal’s order fulfillment process is providing more offline payment methods. Offline methods like credit card submissions help customers take credit and get their purchase done as and when they require without having to worry about procurement capital.

4. Order Accepting Methods - Re-orders, Backorders, Quotes

Accepting orders in multiple ways can be useful in improving the number of orders of your b2b ordering portal.


B2B customers happen to purchase a same or a set of same products every time they visit your B2B ordering platform. A best player in eCommerce platform for B2B would not force users to search through 1000s of products to locate what they want during every visit. It is clearly a sign of customer unfriendliness.

Contalog solves this problem by providing a re-ordering option. Reordering is simply a duplication of a previous order placed by a consumer.


Backorders is one of the best practices for b2b eCommerce which proves useful in scenarios like stock out situation. By accepting backordering through Contalog B2B eCommerce platform you can earn even under a out of stock situation and make sure your customers doesn’t leave you.

The shelf life of your product and inventory handling cost will be reduced drastically as you will be procuring products for which the demands already exist.


Quotes can make you win new customers. For customers who claim for price reduction or discounts in some way or the other, Contalog lets you make a note of it as a quote with details of pricing, customer, products etc. Once a quote is scrutinized by the admin, the quote will be turned into an order.

Contalog is one of the best B2B eCommerce platform that can help turn your b2b order management procedures into a flawless process to ensure 100% b2b order fulfillment.



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