3D without glasses - A new approach
3D without glasses - A new approach

This project has already launched.

Please visit our page at www.geraldco.com for more about this project.


We have this idea, of a way for the viewer to achieve 3d effect, without using glasses.

So we tried to approach any company that produce displays (TV, mobile devices, etc). But for some reason, we could not get even one response. Even "we are already working on it", "we tried it allready", "maybe, we want to hear more about it" anything. All we got were cold automated responses, leaving us with a big question mark: either nobody wanted this or they just don't believe in it. 

But we still believe in its potential. So for us the question remains its desirability. And this brought us here. Where both the answer and a chance for creating it can be achieved. It depends on You now.

Is the way the images are captured.

We need to modify, adapt and create pieces of video capturing equipment to make it happen.

First of all, we will have to modify a medium to big size and hopefully low priced video camera. Technical resources to create an already miniaturized prototype (usable even on mobile phones) will be hard to get and too pricey for this phase.

Adaptation is needed and will involve some mechanical interaction with the equipment that leaves renting or borrowing out of the question.

Various parts we will need to buy: bearings and high precision gears, frames and pipes, cables, adhesives, and most important, lenses. Fine mechanics and carpentry services will be needed to achieve the result.

We will open a video channel documenting our progress. Whatever the founding amount received, we will invest in the project and document the stage reached with every phase. If exceeds the level needed for this phase, our volunteer friends who helped with promoting,  translating, editing, etc, will be grateful and hopefully find the time to bring it to a new level.

Through the same video channel you will be updated about the first video recording prototype, where is it and what it was used for. This we hope should be an interesting and surprising story.

The goal

Is to bring 3d recording and display devices a little closer to everyone. Without special glasses. And hopefully to speed up the occurrence, and increase accesability.

If you also believe is achievable

but can't help us with a donation, there are other ways you can help:

  • Spread the word about our campaign!
  • Contact us using details found here about other ways you can help (equipment or volunteer craftmanship described above)
  • Share it using Indiegogo share tools!

Please visit our page at www.geraldco.com for more details.

Thank you and let's make it happen!

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