3D Coloring Book; Playing House 2
3D Coloring Book; Playing House 2

This project has already launched.

Imagination pops with color & jumps off the screen with Playing House 2.

Playing House 2 comes in 5 unique sets: Boy’s Room, Girl’s Room, Living Room, Kitchen and the special Ballerina set. Each offers a unique playtime experience with different color cards and enhanced reality experiences. Each box set contains color cards, 12 color pencils and a hologram box.



The Playing House 2 begins with color. With 50 different color cards per set, color in all sorts of toys and furniture to decorate your room. On the back, there is a postcard so you can share your creations and write to your friends.




Augmented Reality (AR) makes your creations pop from the smart phone screen. Playing House 2 will recognize your drawing and create 3D AR models. With the click of a button, the model’s coloring will match your drawing instantly.


Fully three-dimensional and visible without 3D glasses, Playing House 2 displays stunningly real holograms. Simply place your phone over the hologram box. Suddenly, all of your drawings will appear as if by magic.


Click on the objects around your VR room to practice your language skills. A voice will help you with the pronunciation and spelling will be displayed on the screen. Learn over 200 words in 4 languages. Playing House 2 is currently compatible with English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.


Decorate your own room in virtual reality. Scan each of the drawings you colored in, and begin personalizing your room with both furniture and toys. Drag and drop each item and even position the way they face. Create the perfect space for all of your belongings.



Ballet Dress is a special box set, unique from the others. With the Ballet Dress set, instead of decorating rooms, you can play dress-up with 50 different dresses. Customize your ballerina character and even select the music she dances to. Motion captured from the movements of a real ballerina, create dresses for your ballerina to perform in.


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