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360VIDY: Virtual Reality Online Channel

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Before I talk about what we are making and how the technology works I would like to explain why I am so passionate about 360° panoramic video.  Like many people, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. When I first watched the movies, I was always more focused on how they would tell the story, not the story itself. Why, because I read the books and knew exactly what was going to happen. I was fascinated by the portrayal of the pensieve, a magic basin that allows you to revisit your memories. This was a way to revisit one's memories and look at them from different perspectives.

Dumbledore, Harry’s headmaster was trying to find a details he might have overlooked in his past. 360° video is like a pensieve in that you can be a ghost in room or an event and see every detail without being seen. You can feel what it was like to be in a particular moment in time.

For example, imagine watching your child’s first steps and being able to capture your spouse’s reaction.  With a conventional camera you would capture what is truly important the child, walking right.  From your perspective that is what is important. Later as a teenager or an adult they may wonder, “What was Mom & Dad’s reaction back then”?  What if years later after you're gone your children want to feel what it was like to be in a room with Mom and Dad?  With 360° video one can see every detail and nothing is missed. You can view the same amazing event from multiple perspectives.  As adults they would one day be able to see the tears of joy in your eyes as you witnessed this childhood achievement.

Watch the 4th of July Fireworks for the Brooklyn Bridge now >>

This is Powerful!

360° video is an evolutionary step in the motion picture visual medium with a wide range of applications. It captures events as they occur, not from the camera persons perspective. Our goal is to capture these moments or events and transport you there in an instant from the comfort of your own home. I want you to be able to come home on a snowy winter day, grab a seat on the couch and visit an exotic beach.  You should be able to tour a university campus without traveling miles and see it in full detail. Watch a boxing match a see the knockout punch in the first viewing then turn the angle and see the audience reaction to the big K.O. Witness the Rockin’ New Years Eve celebrations live in every site around the globe as if you where the ball dropping. All this is possible and more.

Visit 360VIDY.com and try it!

At the moment watching and sharing 360° videos is not as simple as uploading it to Youtube. We want to change that.  Users will be able to watch 360° videos on a computer you can control the angle of the camera by dragging the video with the mouse. We call this the Level One experience, which is extremely cool. However, the Level Two experience, with a tablet is even better because users can spin to see videos in different angles. Lastly, a Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) like the Oculus Rift creates the ultimate Level Three viewing experience. Unfortunately, it makes you look like a fool but feel the exhilaration of being a fly on the wall or relive a particular moment in time.

What We Need & What You Get

We want to make it easy for filmmakers like myself to view and share this type of footage. For that we need your support.  Help us to shoot more original content for the 360VIDY.com web portal and build a mobile phone and tablet app to make viewing  accessible to everyone who doesn't have an Oculus Rift.

Funding will go towards:

  • Browser Based Oculus Plugin. (We have a working Chrome player)
  • 360° video equipment
  • 360° sound equipment
  • 360° Quad-copter development (We have a working prototype)
  • Tablet App for iOS & Android (Available Winter 2014)
  • Mobile App for iPhone & Android (Available Winter 2014)

We are building a quad-copter that shoots in 360° video as well.  Funds raised will go toward developing the Quad-Copter as well as the iPhone, iPad & Android apps.  The apps will be free to download and you will be the first to receive advanced versions of them.

We hope to launch the apps in the Winter of 2014. Whether we reach our goal or not.

Also, If you are fortunate enough to have a Head-Mounted Display like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Oculus, Google Cardboard or the Sony Morpheus please try our Chrome browser player and give us feedback.

Risks & Challenges

This medium is not perfect and not for everyone.  Some people find it hard to suspend belief and not disbelief. I have seen viewers burst into tears because they had a fear of heights. For this reason I warn people before showing them hot air balloon videos.  Also, videos with fast motion can be disorienting and cause some people to become dizzy or motion sick.  Most people find it very strange to wave their hands in front of themselves but not see them or to look down and not see one's feet. We are working on sensors that can make an avatar version of yourself so you can interact with others as well as live video capture.

We have demoed the technology to thousands of people I can tell you one thing for sure. Children love it.

Hire us to shoot in 360° Video! Call 877-546-9522

We are looking for companies interested in this form of video production services.  Contact us if you would like to work together on an immersive 360° video for you or your organization. With your help we can capture the world in every angle. 

We are 360VIDY.com: Your Virtual World Delivered.

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