2nd Life
2nd Life

This project has already launched.

2nd Life – as a public resource is designed to simplify the understanding of public assistance programs and processes for those in need. It is an educational tool for those with learning disabilities and a tool for understanding patient concerns for medical procedures pre and post operations by using animated tutorials.

Were engaging organizations like Khan Academy for education and Kaiser Permanente, UCLA Medical Center and Joh Hopkins hospital as partners to broaden our platform.

We start in the social services arena, in the United States, the poverty line is set at $23,580 a year for a family of four individuals. This income may seem astronomically small and unbelieveable for such a large group of people, and yet U.S. Census data indicates that over 16% of the population lives on or below the poverty line. 

To combat this, the government offers numerous problems that aim to aid those in need. These programs help provide things like food, healthcare, housing, and employment services to people who need the help to survive.

Sadly, many of these programs are locked behind application processes that can be confusing for some people. Help is found through legal aid and independent services that charge up to 50% of the funds received by the applicant.

The funds are designed to create all the animated tutorials we need for each state, starting with California, which has 58 counties alone. Each tutorial is for each county within a state.

We place the tutorials on our website www.a2nd.life the App Store and Google Play. We license the tutorials for $3.99 which will create sustained revenue for future development and support. 

We partner with social service organizations for battered shelters, the disadvantaged and immigrants. There are over 30 million people who need public assistance every year, and most applicants are refused or go through the application process 3-4 times before getting their benefits. 

Our tutorials have an 87% first-time application success rate. 2nd Life also reduces fraud and abuse with government agencies by enabling them to provide more assistance and eliminating annual reserves.

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