2MAC Nutrition's Sports Drinks
2MAC Nutrition's Sports Drinks

Our mission is to provide you with a product that speeds your recovery from strenuous exercise by replacing the nutrients you burned. Our formulas use natural ingredients that taste great.

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The plain truth is sports drinks need to do more than provide salt and glucose if you want to minimize recovery time from a workout. Your body consumes electrolytes during a workout, in the form of sugars and salts which are the primary ingredients in sports drink. In addition, you are also burning amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are key building blocks that support your metabolism. You must ingest them after exertion to fully recuperate; your body does not regenerate them on its own. Our vision is to pair 2MAC's natural ingredients with great flavors that leap out of the glass at you declaring the nutritious value of our product.

Today's athlete, regardless of their age and skill level are much more aware of their physiology than their predecessors. Competitors are looking to gain an edge through their training regimen. This has led them to take increasingly better care of their bodies in hopes of gaining an advantage that brings success. We believe our new drink helps secure that winning edge and will be enthusiastically received by athletes. 2MAC drinks are a great way to supplement your diet regardless of your level of physical activity!


At 2MAC we use only natural ingredients. We have created a blend of powders that is mixed with water (or milk depending on our drink product) to make a super charged beverage which can be consumed cold or hot. Coconut milk and coconut water powders, glucose, whey, coffee - which is a big source of antioxidants in three of our drinks - chocolate and powdered milk are combined with flavors to produce a mix with terrific taste and great recovery benefits. Their is nothing artificial added, no chemicals and nothing that has been genetically modified in our formulas.

Following is a snap shot of what makes our drinks so good. Discover additional information on the nutrition and metabolic functions of exercise at our blog www.2macnutrition@simplesite.com

Watch for our launch on Kickstarter.com later this week as 2MAC Nutrition.


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