24Tees - Premium T-shirt Subsctiption Box
24Tees - Premium T-shirt Subsctiption Box

What Is 24Tees?


24Tees is The Only Premium-Quality, T-shirt Subscription Box. Every month, we design 4 original t-shirts, split into 2 themed boxes - for each month your subscribed you'll be able to pick your theme. There's 2 premium, unique t-shirts in each box.

We send your 2 t-shirts in a gift wrapped luxury box, enclosed in tissue with an extra full color card.

We need you to make 24Tees a reality. It tajes minimum of 400 subscribers every month to make it cost-effective. We have hundreds of designs in the works, your help can make 24 a reality.


1. Pick a subscription reward - you'll be able to choose the themed box you want for your first month. 

2. In July we'll ship your first 2 tees right to your door.

3. At the same time we'll be moving the service over to our website (we'll fill you in on all the details).

4. From our website you'll be able to continue and pick the theme you like every month.



How Much Does It Cost?

24Tees costs £18 per month or less. Your welcome to buy just a single month but it's even cheaper when you take out a longer subscription!

For £18 + shipping you'll get 2 premium, 100% cotton, T-shirts. Printed with unique designs using the best printing techniques, luxury gift-wrapped and delivered straight to your door.

Our 4 launch designs are completely unique, highly detailed and only available to backers on Kickstarter!!

The 4 designs are split into two themes. For every month of your subscription you'll be able to pick the theme you love.


Check out the first 2 Themes below. Get them by backing us on Kickstarter.

 Theme 1: Animals

  • Geometric Pug
  • Rain-Frog

Theme 2: Monsters

  • Watcher
  • (coming soon)


Who are we and what do we want to create?

We're a small start-up design team from Northern Ireland. Our dream is to create a thriving community who influence and shape the 24Tees service. Our focus is on you, any and all feedback is truly important and we grow and learn from criticism.

If you want to help our community, like, share and spread the word. If you want to join us, choose a reward and support the beginning of something new.


The T-shirts:

To deliver a truly premium product we will only select the very best base materials to work with. For this reason we have numerous criteria when selecting our base T-shirts:

  • Material - 100% Ring-spun Cotton Only: This is key to achieving high quality prints as it accepts the ink much better, plus the pure cotton is ridiculously comfortable.
  • Weight - 170 - 190gsm: Weight is a tough one to get right, too heavy or too light and a t-shirt can just feel wrong. We're leaning to the heavy side, for extra softness and durability.

The Printing:

We have selected our printing techniques after a lengthy sampling period. Once again we were looking at a range of criteria to ensure comfort, style and durability.

  • Hand: The 'hand' is how much the design is raised from the t-shirt after printing. We have selected a method with a soft hand so the design is a part of the tee rather than on it. This improves both comfort and look.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By choosing water based printing we have ensured an environmentally friendly option. Plastic based inks can be hazardous.


The Designs:

Of course no premium, printed tee would be complete without a great design. We work around the clock to produce the highest quality vector illustrations for your T-shirts.

  • Variety: We know some designs are not for everyone. With this in mind we have created our illustrations in a wide range of sizes, colors and themes, and will continue to keep variety a key component of our designing process in the future.
  • Quality: Only the sharpest, cleanest designs should ever make it onto our tees. We design only in vector format which allows us to keep clean lines at any size. We build our designs up layer by layer, and refine them until they meet the high quality of our T-shirts.
  • Detail: Attention to detail is a must. While some of our designs are simple, even they have been refined down to the millimeter. Many of our designs are comprised of thousands of separate shapes and lines, which are combined together for the final illustration and printing.

The Packaging:

We want you to get excited about receiving and opening your brand new t-shirts, and, perhaps more importantly, we don’t want them getting damaged. We have decided to send every subscription in its own luxury printed gift box.


  • Design: A premium black finish, lined with black tissue paper and custom stamped with the 24Tees logo.
  • The logo: The logo is stamped onto each box in silver foil to offset the box. The hot foil printing method makes the design 'pop' and shine in the light.
  • Tough: Thick, high quality card makes sure the box can hold up to some wear and tear and makes sure your tee's arrive safe and sound every month.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from recycled board and covered with paper from sustainable sources.

The Service:

When you back us on Kickstarter that's the beginning of your 24Tees subscription. If you buy the 1 month package for £18 you will receive 2 Premium Tee's around the expected delivery date. 

If your purchase a longer package you'll receive the first 2 Tees like everyone else, but when the normal service is up and running, you'll get to choose 2 more each month for the duration of your subscription.

We'll get in touch with you directly in the next month to confirm your T-shirt choices and, for anyone that's taken out an extended subscription, we'll move you over to our new website.

The Website:

Our website is in the final stages of construction. We have the subscription system in place and are preforming rigorous quality testing.

Some of the money from the Kickstarter will go directly to funding security testing on the website. Getting an extra pair of (professional) eyes to ensure the code is up to scratch.

We want to make your life easier, so with this in mind, our website has been made simple and stylish. With bold colors, eye catching features and a robust but user friendly interface and membership area.

The Future:

Kickstarter is only the beginning for us. We need your help to get our wheels spinning, but beyond this we want to create something big. T-shirts are certainly not the limit for 24.

If we reach our funding goals, we will be working around the clock to grow, share and expand our community, and bring creative minds together to 24Tees.co.uk. If you support us, we'll be sure to get in touch (if you like) to let you know personally how we're getting on, and to bring you to our shiny new website when it's all ready to go!

Where the money will be used:

Our goal: £10000

  • 70% - The Rewards: Keeping the price low means most of the money will be put straight into your new t-shirts. It's the least we can do!
  • 15% - The Website: We want to continue this service on our website and that means some rigorous security testing. It's not cheap but it is essential.
  • 5% - R&D: Sampling new printing methods, new base t-shirts and new packaging options is high on our agenda. Anything we can do to improve the service is a bonus.
  • 5% - Advertising: This service only works if we can keep our numbers above a certain limit each month. We will put some of the money into growing our user base.
  • 5% - Equipment: There are a few further things we need to gather to improve efficiency. Steam iron, laser printer, external hard drives etc.


Stretch Goals:


£12000 -

We'll swap the leaflet out for an enhanced double sided card in each box from now on. It'll act as our monthly newsletter and contain a never before seen design on the rear!


£15000 -

Variety and choice are a key component of 24. at £15000 we will provide a choice of v-neck or crew cut neck on all future subscribers. 

£20000 -

6 Designs a month instead of 4 - Thats 3 themes each month!


  • Price: Since our boxes arrive each month, shipping is calculated by the number of months x shipping price. We have selected our boxes with cheaper shipping in mind, for UK backers our shipping is only £3 a month, for Europe its £5.50 and international its £7. The value of our boxes should more than cover shipping.
  • Time: We only produce the product after the orders have been received at the end of each month. For this reason when we move you to the website in July the next box of your subscription will take 1-2 months to arrive. After this, every box you get will come the following month!

Join us and create something new!

Select a reward and treat yourself to premium, original t-shirts.


Coming April 15th 2015!

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