24000BPH double-protein (soymilk +milk) beverage in PET Aseptic Cold Filling Machine
24000BPH double-protein (soymilk +milk) beverage in PET Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

Followed by an increasing demand of living standard, working and study atmosphere, and entertainment, people call for higher requirements for beverage quality and segmentation. As a result, various beverages such as CSD, bottled water, tea, juice, functional drink have arose on market, gaining a certain amount of market share respectively and continuously expanding. Under this background, there’s a saying of “Lulu in the north, Palm Tree in the south”, which represent two of the top brands for plant protein beverage. BlackCow Food Co., Ltd diversifies itself with introduction of double-protein beverage.

Founded in 1998, BlackCow headquarters is based in Shantou in Guangdong Province, and is one of the largest soymilk powder manufacturers and most competitive oatmeal producers in domestic market. In April 2010, BlackCow went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchanging, and became a well-known enterprise. It provided great power for sustainable development of BlackCow and was a solid base in promoting its double-protein beverage products.

Go green, safe, and nutrition balance have always been pursued by BlackCow. And their mission is to improve Chinese people’s nutrition structure and physical condition. Throughout decades of manufacturing, BlackCow has always paid attention to consumer’s nutrition need and changes in demand for various flavors, and have provided market-leading healthy nutritious products to Chinese customers. Up till today, BlackCow has developed and promoted several product series including soymilk powder, soymilk, bean powder, oatmeal, sesame paste, walnut powder, double-protein dairy product, peanut milk, etc., which are widely sold over all China and popular among Chinese customers.

Familiar by most of people, plant protein is known for natural, green, nutritious, and healthy characteristics. And normally, packaging format is either in three-piece can, Tetra Pak, or PET bottle. In ready-to-drink market, packing in PET bottle has become the major trend due to light packaging, its re-sealability, and easy carrying. However, during the time when BlackCow started to produce plant protein beverage, there was no manufacture using PET bottle.

Gone through a thorough market investigation and tracking, BlackCow has set target in packing PET bottled plant protein beverage, such as soymilk drink and peanut milk. At the meantime, they keep an eye on competitors and the latest market trend Therefore, while several PET packed peanut milk have been launched by Yinlu and Dali Group, BlackCow once again confirmed the next round of booming in plant protein beverage.

Around the same time, Newamstar aseptic filling technology with PET application has reached many technical break-through, and successfully been applied in 24,000BPH and 42,000BPH aseptic filling lines in domestic, which gave great confidence to BlackCow for choosing aseptic cold filling line to produce PET plant protein beverage. In June 2011, BlackCow and Newamstar reached agreement based on rigorous and productive negotiation, and signed for 24,000BPH double-protein (soymilk +milk) beverage in PET aseptic cold filling line.

The first 24,000BPH aseptic cold filling line purchased by BlackCow was installed at factory in Anhui, covering an area of nearly 200,000 m3, and is the first double-protein soymilk production base invested by BlackCow Food Co., Ltd under the national “soy bean project”. The successful launch of the factory will supply qualified double-protein nutritious beverages with safe, green, and healthy technology to all Chinese customers, and will help improve a healthier living standard.

The whole production line adopts Newamstar’s latest rotary blow molding machine for bottle producing, and then bottles go through hygienic air conveyor into 5-in-1 aseptic cold filling system for filling. The most advanced worldwide-used sterilizing technology, packaging materials, and filling environment were applied for sterilizing sections; and aseptic production line with high-efficiency, safe, and low energy consumption sufficiently guaranteed product features of double-protein beverage. Many advantages of Newamstar aseptic technology have provided a strong base for BlackCow penetrating plant protein beverage field.

BlackCow, standing for power, health, fortune, and happiness, is referring to a thriving company and its sustainable vitality, visioning good serving its people and leading fashionable living style.

During the “12th five-year plan”, a goal was set to facilitate establishing over 50 food companies, each with over 10 billion output value. This has helped BlackCow to set a clearer strategic target of their future, which matching exactly with what they are aiming for becoming stronger and bringing benefits to people. We believe BlackCow will deliver its value and finally achieve the goal, of providing good product and dedicate to the country. We also deeply believe with Newamstar’s support, with our high grade aseptic technology, BlackCow is to see prosperity firmly step by step.

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