24-hour, single hand and regulator watches by Svalbard
24-hour, single hand and regulator watches by Svalbard

This project has already launched.

In May, 2018 we started production of 4th Svalbard watches collection. New collection has eight models. All models are produced as Limited Edition as well, and are individually numbered. First batch, that will be released in the end of July, 2018, will include only 100 pieces of the each model. On Indiegogo we offer three 24-hour models from our new collection: Solfestuka CA11, Regulator CF11 and Isbjørnen CA18.

Make a difference and create that aura of uniqueness around yourself by getting one or more of the unusual and individually numbered and unique timepiece.

It's NOT concept, all this models are on production stage and will be released at end of July 2018. As we are producing and shipping watches for more than 6 years, we know how to do it!

Support us and we can get started on our next watches collection, which will be released at the end of this year!

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