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"22 Fillmore" is an independent, feature movie project in development and based out of San Francisco, CA.

We're getting ready to launch a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo on Dec. 5, 2013.

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Dramatic narrative story that chronicles a day in the life of Jeff, a desperate drug addict, who is consumed in a downward spiral in life. One night, he takes a wild ride on a rough, inner city bus line, the "22 Fillmore" where he meets 3 enlightened characters. They whiz back and forth in time to teach him lessons in hope and forgiveness. 





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Our Team

Our Writer and Director, Paul Oja has been writing and directing short movies for many years, many have gone on to various film festivals. He is educated in Cinema Studies at City College of San Francisco. He is exicted to bring this project in production and onto the big screen!


Debbie Brubaker is a reputable, independent movie producer from the San Francisco/Bay Area.

She is known as the indie "godmother"! She has been working in the industry for over 2 decades and has produced 20+ feature movies and has been involved with every aspect of film production, including television and commercials. She knows how to gets things done!

Check out her link to her IMDB page: IMDB Page



Nina Henninger, Casting Director - IMDB Page and Website Has cast dozens of features and television shows. She is CEO of her own agency and has worked with top name directors such as, Francis Ford Coppala, Spike Lee, and Woody Allen. 

Svetlana Cvetko, Director of Photography - IMDB Page and Website Has shot a variety of feature movie projects, including the Oscar winning documentary, Inside Job. 

Doug Freeman, Production Designer - IMDB Page and Website Has his own company, Jet Sets and has been in the business over 3 decades with a multitude of projects in feature movies, television, and commercials. 





James Russo - a prolific character actor working in the industry for 3 decades and over 100+ features. 

Check out a complete list of projects here: IMDB Page





 Our Tagline


 Being shot in the beautiful San Francisco.



Thanks for your support! Keep the spirit of independent movies alive!



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