2017 Pro-Tour Disc Golf Calendar (Eco-Friendly)
2017 Pro-Tour Disc Golf Calendar (Eco-Friendly)

This project has already launched.

Yea Boy Ink is an outdoor apparel company dedicated to art, nature and the sport of disc golf.

Our goal is to develop a creative line of eco-friendly products with the hopes to inspire environmental action from communities at large and of course, grow the sport of disc golf. 

The 2017 Pro-Tour Disc Golf Calendar will feature a comprehensive schedule of over 75 Professional Disc Golf Tournaments around the world. It will also include photographs from some of the most beloved and well known disc golf courses in the United States. 

The calendar will be printed by GreenerPrinter on 100% Recycled and 100% Post-Consumer Waste Paper (Chorine-free). They also only use soy/vegetable based inks. 

We kindly ask you to support our project, vision, and our commitment to environmentally conscious business practices. In doing so, you are supporting the environmental movement and using your power as a consumer to make the world a greener place. 

Thank you. 

Jake & Seth
Co-founders, Yea Boy Ink, LLC

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