2 Free Pizzas
2 Free Pizzas

The FREE Pizza Revolution


I am going to tell you how to get free pizza

Hi, I'm Howie and this is my co-founder is Barry. 

Just two regular Chicago guys who are passionate about pizza.  Yep, we're all about Da' Pizza and Da' Bears.

I'm an entrepreneur,  decades experienced direct sales guru, and owned what else??? A Pizza Joint!! I'm also the self appointed "chai-wala".

Barry? He is the hard worker on our team. He is a decades experienced direct marketing ninja and former McDonalds corporate bigwig. He too is an entrepreneur. 

For us (and you also) there is probably not much that is better than pizza except for maybe .... a FREE pizza. 

So what could possibly be better than a FREE pizza????? How about 2 FREE pizzas!!!

Yeah yeah yeah, you're asking "what's the catch?" 

There is no catch. We've developed a platform that allows "pizza lovers" like you, to get 2 Free Pizzas from your favorite parlor. It doesn't matter if it is neighborhood mom and pop joints like --- 

       RayRays, Cheesy Luigi's or The Dive

The chains like ---

       Papa Johns, Dominos or Pizza Hut

or even the world renown pizza parlors like ---

       Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn NY, Lou Malnati's in Chicago or Gjelina in Los Angeles 

We will get EVERYBODY free pizzas from their local pizzerias. 

How? Read on paisano...

Pizzerias layout $1000's of dollars a month upfront to market to people who don't want their product -- all in an attempt to get them to come into their restaurant. Their effort at best produces a 3% return.

Our 2FreePizzas.com platform and app allows ANY pizza restaurant to market to people WHO WANT THEIR PRODUCT with no cash outlay for the pizzeria at all. 

What we give them is 100% return on investment. What we give you is free pizzas. Is this cool or what?

So, how can you help? 

1. Go to 2FreePizzas.com,  enroll in our pre-launch and help spread the word. (you'll get free pizza on launch day)

2. Fund our project so we can complete the platform and get our free app completed. 

3. Eat more pizza.

We can only make this work if we get 100,000 people to join our pre-launch and a couple hundred to help us fund this project.  We're believing you will be one of these early birds.

(in a bad Godfather accent) "It's an offer you can't refuse"

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