Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation: a Visual Novel with Philosophy
Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation: a Visual Novel with Philosophy

This project has already launched.

Fruitbat Factory is bringing you Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation


Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation is a new all-ages visual novel by Studio Beast, famous for the cult classic "J.Q.V Jinrui Kyuusai-bu ~With Love from Isotope~". It was released in Japan in August 2016 as a HD wide-screen release.

Chuusotsu is a fun, colorful story of three girls brought by their individual circumstances to live under the same roof and being forced to tackle existential questions to win their place in society.

Fruitbat Factory is now bringing Chuusotsu to fans all over the world in dual language (English and Japanese text, characters fully voiced in Japanese). We are committed to making the release the best it can be, and with your support we will be able to do many exciting things that we otherwise could not.

The funding from the project helps to cover the localization costs for Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation, and allows Studio Beast to further improve the game, as well as supports them on their future projects, so they can keep making excellent games! The campaign also allows us to offer fans exclusive physical merchandise that would normally be impossible to offer to the West.

We are working closely together with Studio Beast on the project, and hope to hear from you what you'd like to see added to this campaign before launching it on Kickstarter.


The Kickstarter campaign will launch on April 25th, 9:00 PST/ 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT! Big thanks to everyone for the feedback so far. We'll keep working on the details, so don't hesitate to leave a message if you have any suggestions - and sign up here for an alert when the campaign goes live!


We will be using BackerKit for the campaign, enabling accurate collection of shipping fees, as well as giving you more options to increase the pledge, acquire Add-ons, etc., even after the campaign ends. BackerKit access is included in all pledge levels.

Under the P3 law enacted under the Global People's Federation, citizens are ranked according to the Authorization Seals issued by the world government.

As spring arrives, the manga lover Marisugawa Arue, set back by a long-lasting illness, finds herself having to live her life as a "chuusotsu" - a person with no education beyond middle school.

The chuusotsu are not in possession of any Seals, and are considered to be failures at life. As such, their Authorized Power level is only 5 - young Arue's future is already looking mighty bleak.

"How will I be able to accomplish my goals now..."

In order to break free of her grim situation, and reach her true goal in life, Arue applies for a government relief program where she will...

Share a room with other chuusotsu!?

Our planned campaign goal is to raise $20.000 for the localization effort. This will allow us to give the game all the polish it deserves before release. If the funding exceeds the goal, we will be working with Studio Beast to add all-new event CGs to the game, as well as other exciting features!

By taking part in the campaign and spreading the word, you'll have a chance to pick up highly exclusive limited goods, support the creators and help us bring you more amazing games from Japan.

Shipping for all physical rewards will be charged separately after the campaign. 

These following are are our current rough estimates for shipping and will change depending on factors such as number of items shipped to each region. We will collect required shipping info via Kickstarter survey after the campaign is finished. That info will be used to confirm the actual shipping costs, which will then be charged separately using BackerKit.

Shipping estimates for everywhere in the world:

$75 tier: $10-15

$100 & $200 tiers: $15-25

$500 & $1000 tiers: $25-35

The estimate should cover the shipping costs to all parts of the world, but we may be able to offer cheaper shipping to specific countries, and shipping costs will be collected in BackerKit as accurately as possible. 

Current addons will not increase shipping costs.

Unfortunately, due to import laws and customs in certain countries, WE CAN NOT SHIP TO: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Russia, so please note this regarding the physical rewards.

All the physical rewards are Kickstarter exclusive unless otherwise stated, and you may not be able to acquire them anywhere outside of the campaign. Most of their artwork is created for this campaign alone, and the items will not exist unless the campaign succeeds. Extras will only be offered directly via our website and at events. Please see more details below.

The dakimakura included in $500 tier and above will feature a character decided by the audience. Arue, the protagonist of Chuusotsu, won the poll asking which character you would like to see included in this tier. 

Depending on the popularity of the item, more character options may be added later (in which case they will also be made available as add-ons). 

Stick Posters:
Here's an early draft of the art for the stick posters included in the $75 tier and above. They will feature cool all-new art Studio Beast is creating for the Kickstarter campaign!

Key Art Poster

Here's an early draft of the new key art that will be used in the B2-sized poster! The final full-colored version is planned to be set in a sakura park background.

Wall Scroll:

Here is a preview of the colorful B2-sized wall scroll, featuring a beach scene from the game! Please note that this is only a preview and final product is subject to change.

We'll be updating the page with more art, so stay tuned!

The Kickstarter campaign will be launching on April 25th! Watch this space for more news, and don't forget to sign up for the notification when it goes live!

The localization is already underway, and we expect to release Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation in late 2017.

Studio Beast is a Japan-based doujin game circle best known for "J.Q.V Jinrui Kyuusai-bu ~With Love from Isotope~." 

They have been complimented for their consistently high quality writing, which is supported by beautiful artwork.

Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation - time after time is Studio Beast's 4th game release. They are currently working on their 10th year anniversary project, a new game by the name of Suicide Fence.

 In operation since 2012, Fruitbat Factory publishes interesting Japanese games of all genres. 

We are best known as the publisher of the online board game 100% Orange Juice. Our other releases include Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest for PlayStation 3, ENIGMA: and the War of the Human Tanks series. We are also in charge of the localization of Little Busters! for VisualArt's.

We are already in the process of localizing the game and will release it regardless of the success of the campaign. Therefore, the delivery of the main item - the game itself - is not at any risk, save for acts of God.

This will be our first project on Kickstarter, so we may run into something unexpected along the way. We have however run a successful crowdfunding campaign on another platform before, so we have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

We are committed to making a quality release, and as such we can't sign an absolute release date beforehand. If we see that more work needs to be done, we'll do it even if it means pushing back the schedule.

Depending on the campaign's success, Studio Beast also has various improvements thought out for the game, which may end up taking additional time.

It is also possible we will encounter unforeseen delays in the manufacturing or shipping of reward items, or need to change related service providers.

To sum it up, delays in delivery are the most likely risk in this project. Please treat any dates seen in the project as reasonable estimates.

Let's do philosophy!

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