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1918. A Book Project of illustrated Posters.

A historical Documentation of fascinating Posters around the political, socially and also propaganda activities in 1918.


About this project:
I am Tim, a media designer and artist The combination of image and text has always been my passion. Especially early movie posters I always found fascinating. At some point I accidentally discovered various image archives on the Internet and discovered a huge number of film and propaganda posters. These were mostly filed as a raw scan document. Most posters are free available and legally not copyrighted, they are classified as a "public domain" and therefore usable for everyone.  

The massive style and representation of politics and propaganda in early years has its own graphical and typographic world. From thousands of posters I have now selected 100 pieces that use very special illustrations, colors or typography. They are all very striking and fascinating. A large part comes from the USA, here are also artworks with it. 

The book "1918" contains 100 posters from the period 1917-1918. Not exactly every date could be defined, the majority is from 1918. 100 years, 100 posters, 100 drawings. Make 100! Make History! We also offer framed Artprints in two sizes as Reward. The are manufactured and printed in the US. Shipping is only US, it's too expensive to Europe.

The Book is produced in Germany. So you will get the best Printing Quality in the world.

The Posters and Frames are produced in the US by one of the best Printerstudios with worldwide Fulfillment. I have tested them with other projects, and the quality is really stunning!

If you have any questions, feel free to write or post a message. 
You can also drop me a line on Behance.

Thanks all for your interest, and i would be very happy if you back this project!

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