16mm SCARY SPOOKER MOVIE! Processed in horse poop.  Aaagh!
16mm SCARY SPOOKER MOVIE! Processed in horse poop. Aaagh!

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Award winning filmmaker to create 16mm SCARY SPOOKER MOVIE processed in HORSE MANURE, FRESH PEPPERCORN, and other natural developers.


Yep. Or nope. Whatever the right answer is. Yes, I've learned how to process my films in many different natural organic developers! I often like to create a new recipe using a plant from the filming location, or one thematically connected to the film. For SPOOKER I think I'll use my newest recipe, HORSE MANURE. It smells really bad, but develops film really good.

Also I'm perfecting a FRESH PEPPERCORN recipe and some other plant developers that I'd like to include. Most of my formulas are safe enough to brush your teeth in, except when I use horse poop or toxic plants. The poison oak developer was a bad idea.

When I was little, "SPOOKER" was my first understanding of film genre.  It was any monster, ghost, undead, or space-alien movie that creeped you out and made you sleep with the lights on. 

Since then I've written many "Twilight Zone" type short screenplays, story sketches, treatments, and a few unproduced features. At my minimum goal of $1000 I'll totally nail a 5-10 minute Spooker Movie. At my stretch goal of $16,000 I will create a minimum 3-Story Anthology Spooker Movie FESTIVAL QUALITY FILM and register for IMDB credits.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR BACKERS? I MEAN, BESIDES MAKING A FILM?First and most importantly - you can say you supported the first film developed in HORSE POOP!   But besides being a foreword thinking patron of the arts…

$5 gets you an ONLINE LINK TO SPOOKER and access to the LAZY COW MOVIE RANCH VIDEO BLOG, where you can watch as we make these films!  You'll also get a numbered OFFICIAL SPOOKER BACKER CERTIFICATE jpeg (earliest backers have lowest numbers). Best of all, BACKERS WILL GET THEIR NAME somewhere in my separate BONUS HORSE POOP EXPERIMENTAL ART FILM! Don't worry - it'll be pretty cool even if a bit mercenary.

BTW - @ $5 bucks maybe even your cheapskate friends might be interested in joining the group? It would be a HUGE FAVOR if you could click the SHARE THIS PROJECT up at the top of the page. The more backers, the SPOOKIER the movie!

The NIFTY KEYCHAIN FILM VIEWERS are really neat. I think you'll like them, and some of the other rewards for backers of all wallet sizes.

DID YOU NOTICE that the Backer Certificates are numbered in the order that you sign up? If you think the rewards are value for your donation, why not sign up right now?  Come back and read the rest of this stuff later! You can always upgrade if you want.

I’m Kurt Comstock, an inventor and experimental filmmaker from Sylmar, City of Los Angeles. I work with real film processed in natural plant developers. This includes botanicals such as Rosemary, Mulberry Leaf, Wild Elderberries, Kelp Seaweed, Wild Licorice, and many different wild plants from the Angeles National Forest above our Lazy Cow Movie Ranch. My latest HORSE MANURE RECIPE is a super-success!

16mm experimental test film HORSES IN HORSESH**. December 2014. The first test footage developed in Horse Manure. Projected on the wall.

For the past 2 years I've been creating and projecting live these funky films. All of my movies are reversed (made positive) for projection, with live performances of music, voice and sound effects. I usually show once a month at the Echo Park Film Center in Central Los Angeles. I also turn up uninvited at people's homes with films in hand, and projector bomb public locations with unguarded electric outlets and low(er) police presence. I love seeing and hearing people's first reactions to my films: "OMG it looks like a snuff film!" and stuff like that.

I personally think my processes are really, really pretty. I love seeing what the different developers will do. To me, the film itself becomes more like an artistic medium. In a way, I get textures and tones, sometimes with an "inexactness of detail" that's kind of like an impressionist painting. You know, you don't have to SEE every little thing to GET IT.  It also makes creating fantastic places and props easier! I can shoot fairly ordinary objects and places and the process makes it look like a surreal art film, or some long lost archival footage, or a late night creepy spooker...

With your help, I will create a totally twisted SPOOKER MOVIE - which will be the world's first motion picture film processed in horse manure. I will then compose and record a wild & original JUGBAND SCORE. It will then be professionally digitized, edited, and uploaded with a link for viewing.

KickStarter recommends "the lowest goal amount that will complete your project". With $1000 I can make an awesome 5-10 minute handmade film - working in my spare time. Higher funding levels will allow me to concentrate on a longer, better realized, spookier movie. 

A stretch goal of $16k will fund my LAZY COW MOVIE RANCH for a month - and I'll create a 3-story minimum ANTHOLOGY SPOOKER MOVIE. And buy extra pizza and beer for my crew. 

All of my work has been self-funded up to this point. It feels weird for me to ask others for money! I hope in the coming weeks you'll be impressed and entertained by my work. I hope you'll come to know me as a filmmaker and a real life person. Lastly, I hope you'll feel your donation has created something of value for yourself and others.  At my minimum goal of $1000 I can make an amazing film. Higher funding levels will permit me to work full time on this project, and allow me (perhaps) to make a truly significant film. I will also be able to preserve, digitize, and archive my growing body of work. I take my obligation to my backers very seriously! You are awesome - and I truly appreciate your generosity.

In the mid 80's my brother Scott and I formed the award winning COMSTOCK JUG BAND.  (Man I'm old!) We were an insane psycho-billy jug band and fit shockingly well into the regular Hollywood punk venues. Imagine my pride when I heard Dave Alvin of THE BLASTERS say in a radio interview, "I like most of the New Country acts. Except that jug-rock crap."  Nice to know you're hitting nerves with your art!!!  CJB still exists as our family band. We just don't push alcohol in nightclubs anymore.

I've been helping out other filmmakers with musical soundtracks such as TIMMY LAGOOF, and THE SECRETS OF DR. HAHN by renegade Spokane filmmaker RAY BIDDLE.  I met the wonderful Dutch underground filmmaker KAREL DOING at ECHO PARK FILM CENTER when THE ANDY WARHOL FOUNDATION FOR VISUAL ARTS brought him to L.A. and commissioned a film. For some silly reason Karel thought THE COMSTOCK JUG BAND would be an appropriate aural representation of Los Angeles. Probably one of my proudest moments artistically when he asked that I create a score for his film. The music, entitled "THE BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES" is pretty good, I think. (I used portions of the work as background music for my KickStarter video.)
Click to see LA-AZ by Karel Doing (2013)  "Battle of Los Angeles" by The Comstock Jug Band

I've never been too into festivals and contests. But I did submit to the Francis Ford Coppola 1-minute film contests a few years ago. For two years he ran this competition to promote Rosso & Bianco, his affordable table wines. The first year I was awarded 4th place.  The second year I won 2nd place. It was pretty cool to know Mr. Coppola watched my work and personally gave me a thumbs up. 

I got some great Coppola Vineyards swag, a poster signed by Mr. Coppola, a frame from my film was featured on a Coppola wine label, and a standing offer to drop by the winery and visit if I'm ever up in Wine Country. Wine makes a great developer, but that's not the best use of a bottle of wine! I'll bet grape leaves will make a workable formula.  I'll let you know!

I also received a copy of Mr. Coppola's YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH. This funky little film has grown on me - I love it more than THE GODFATHER! My opinion, and others are welcome to theirs…

Something like that. Best things first.  $5 will get YOUR NAME SOMEWHERE IN MY HORSE POOP BONUS ART FILM). You're in an Art-Film for posterity!  And access to the LAZY COW MOVIE RANCH VIDEO BLOG where I'll be showing and telling. And a NUMBERED SPOOKER BACKER CERTIFICATE. Please check out all the cool rewards for backers with wallets of all sizes. I think the viewers are really cool.
I mean, I think the NIFTY KEYCHAIN FILM VIEWERS are pretty cool. It's Art-On-The-Go!  Show people you support the arts on KickStarter! Take art with you to the bathroom! You get the picture.

I have a definite philosophy about my art and what it means.  I'm also darn interesting to watch in small doses ( if you don't have to live with me).  So let's hang out for a couple of weeks?  SEE HOW I MAKE THESE BEAUTIFUL FILMS IN NON-TOXIC DEVELOPERS! Come check out the LAZY COW MOVIE RANCH VIDEO BLOG and join in as we craft our film.

$5 bucks makes you special! ALL BACKERS get their name somewhere in our BONUS ART FILM.  And you will personally be responsible for thrusting upon an unsuspecting world the very first SCARY SPOOKER MOVIE DEVELOPED IN HORSE POOP!

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