15-Year Guaranteed Winter Shield Wool
15-Year Guaranteed Winter Shield Wool

For two woolen coats, we will plant 12 trees, give a fair trade job to women in Pakistan (especially widows and divorced) to handloom the traditional organic wool. We will also send their children to school free of cost. We cross our hearts and promise.


Today, unfortunately, Top designers are practicing the belief of Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design and economics. It is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time. Obsolescence is the state of being which occurs when a cloth is no longer wanted even though it may still be in good working order. Even your favorite t-shirt is barely going to make it, ‘they’ promise you. Can you believe that half the clothes that every person has shopped, is now in dump destroying our Earth?

While many of us want to update our wardrobe every season, how many people can actually afford more than one pair of shirt, jeans, shoes, and socks? Why should everything be disposable? With every purchase, why companies have lowered our expectations. Since when fashion compromised the quality?

We want to go opposite to Planned Obsolescence, clothing that will last a lifetime, balance practicality with style. This cloth will grow with you, getting softer & snuggly-er with every wear, stacking up all the adventurous stories every great winter. It is guaranteed to last 15 years and also backed with free mending, as we value our customers more than anything.


Our coarse cloth will be dyed in three colors: Raven black, smoke gray and pecan brown.

Story of our Cloth and Hand-stiched qulaity:

“We can also interpret nature more metaphorically and pursue textile and fashion designs that promote flexibility, lightness or a sense of wonder, or those that speak of balance, community values or engagement and playfulness.” (Chapman, 2007)

The sustainable design revolves around the quality, esthetics, and service of any design. Historical evolution of any given fashion and design has maintained an identity through ages which become the combined personality trait of a culture.

We are going to make long coats with attacheable hoods, robes, wrap around, socks, gloves and high-collar jackets. It’s one of a kind design which will incorporate everything available in all sizes. Our sustainable textile fashion is about a strong and nurturing relationship between consumer and producer. These local products inspire and challenge the community while at the same time creating jobs and making use of local resources.

Wool has been used since the beginning of man-kind as the best alternative to keep warmest in the coldest of seasons. The air pockets in wool fibers are more deeply protected with natural shape of the springy fibers, the sheathed outer coating of the fiber, and the natural wool oils.  So even when wool is sopping wet-- so wet you can wring it out-- there are still insulating air pockets inside the fiber doing their best to help keep you warm.  The water cannot get into the interior of the fiber. Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp to the touch. There is actually a degree of heat generated by wool. Tailors favor wool for suit jackets because wool clothes hold their shape and last a long time. The tough fabrics hold up and resist worn patches much longer than an equivalent garment in cotton could.  Twenty or thirty years are nothing to properly-treated wool; fathers can often pass good suits onto sons if they grow into the same size.

By purchasing our robe, You can actually get something that will last six times as long and is more likely better made in a lot of ways and costs half the price if you just put away the cashmere and look for the organic 100% wool.

Because 100 percent organic wool coats are pesticide-free, you get a safer, more ecologically friendly product. Many of the pesticides used to treat animals on non-organic farms are toxic to humans. These pesticides have also been known to cause groundwater pollution.

There will be three separate colors for men and women. Women woolen clothes will be decorated with floral motifs combined with shapes and geometrical lines with the neckline in some. Vegetable dyed threads will be used to add a pattern. Nothing will be mass produced, each gown will tell a different story as it would be hand woven and stitched. For men woolen clothes, we will add decent patterns on pockets. The belt will help to keep the dress in place which otherwise hang loosely above the waist. We are going to modernize it with two custom zipper pull, oversize 3-5 kangaroo pockets (one at the back), double reinforced wide ribbing on sleeves. It will be a high-collar hood, custom raglan style sleeve for comfort and a full range of motion (without bagginess) and two inner pockets. The whole point of making it loose and comfortable is that it will allow proper circulation of blood during winters. Even if the cloth gets wet, there will be no loss of heat and the innerwear will stay protected for a long time. This is especially ideal for elderly. Each coat is two inches longer, pinned up from the fold line to the edge for two reasons: one no matter how strong the winds are, it’s not going to move, secondly, if you happened to have an increase in height, just open the stitch and you are good to go. We actually want our robe to last a lifetime.

Fashion should be created to adapt bodies, environments, climates and situations not the other way round.

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