The 12LVE Wristwatch - A simplistic timepiece
The 12LVE Wristwatch - A simplistic timepiece

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.
Leonardo Da Vinci

The team behind 12LVE are committed to developing simple, usable products. Our journey started in technology working as developers and designers where everyday success is dependent on clean and uncomplicated usability. So often we have come across projects that are cluttered and complex so we have dedicated our skills to simplifying process and experiences, and this is where the 12LVE watch comes in.

Our vision is to pragmatically apply simplicity to the world around us by taking areas of complexity and simplifying them. The 12LVE watch will come in three different styles inspired by clean Scandinavian design, each with a stainless steel casing, a high-quality Quartz movement, a mineral crystal glass and a watch strap that is fashioned from genuine leather.

Our crowdfunding pledge
Funding details:

- We are seeking funding of £20,000 to pay for the manufacturing and shipping of our new product.
- We are giving our backers the opportunity to purchase our 12LVE watch in one of the three available styles at a special discounted rate of £100 (retail price £120).
- Sponsors will be given a 15% off coupon for our online store.
- All watches will be shipped to backers by the end of February 2017.
- If the funding goal is not reached, each backer will receive their money back, no strings attached and no watches will be produced using the funds.

Final notes
We love our watches as much as we are sure you will. So please help us achieve funding so that we can continue our journey of simplicity.

Please share this campaign through social media even if you don't contribute. Let's, please get the word out there and fight complexity!

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