100 Illustrated Portraits
100 Illustrated Portraits

This project has already launched.

About this project

I invite you to participate in a collaborative art project with me to create an illustrated collection of portraits.


Phase 1: 

I need 100 portraits!!! 



My goal is to collect 100 portraits of backers to illustrate and then create a printed book of line art portraits. I want to generate a sense of community through portraiture. Portraits tell a story. I would like to tell the story of a community that supports creativity and innovation. 

The initial goal of $1200 will fund the creation of the artwork, digital formatting of the book and the sample printing. 

You will receive a printable PDF of your portrait. You can paint it, color it, frame it, hang it up, stick it on a greeting card, use it as an avatar, send it to your friends, print it on a t-shirt, make a paper airplane from it and send it to someone special....line art portraits are totally versatile:)

Photo requirements:

You will need to submit a clear photo of yourself. One person per portrait.( You must own the copyright) Feel free to request small alterations, ex. "I would like a unicorn horn" or "can you make my eyes bigger? ...Nothing rude or offensive. Crazy, fun and, true to you is great! If you are shy...consider a portrait of the back of your head or your profile. You can always sport a paper bag or place a potted plant in front of your face!! I am looking for a representation of a collection of people - this isn't about how you look, but where you belong. This is your tribe!!! 

Phase 2:

Book Launch!!!

I will launch a subsequent campaign immediately after this one, to offer the book for sale and will be available at a discounted price for everyone who is in the book.

It will be 6 x 9 inches in size. The cover will be designed by a backer. The page length will be determined by how many people participate. The portraits can be colored using dry media such as: pencil, graphite, pen and, colored pencils.

It will look something like this....but infinitely better!


 About Me:

My name is Leah v.d.Heide. I am a conceptual/visual artist from Hamilton, On, Canada. I am currently working in the area of linear portraiture. I will be launching a series of portraits with the Pigment App for the iPad in the near future. Click here for my Instagram site and, here for Facebook. 


Risks and challenges

I do not foresee any difficulty in completing the line art portraits and emailing them out by the end of November, providing that I receive the photos to work from by October 17th.

Thank you for your support!

This is your project!!! Share it with your friends & colleagues! Let's make it big!!!

Best wishes, 


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