10 ART POSTERS OF 10 GALLERIES / 1960-1979
10 ART POSTERS OF 10 GALLERIES / 1960-1979

This project has already launched.

After my Book "THE ART OF AMERICA" i still had a lot of Posters in my Archive. Now i retouched 10 wonderful Art Posters of Gallery Exhibitions from the years 1960-1979. 

The most famous Poster is from one of the most known galleries in Germany: " Galerie Der Spiegel" with the wonderful Graphic from Robert Indiana "LOVE". 

But also the Poster of the East Hampton Gallery in New York with "The many faces of Marcel Duchamp" is a great Visual on your wall!

 Awesome in combination...

 ..or as single framed Print, wherever you want to place it..

The original Scans were taken from folded Archive Posters and were knicked and had a lot of dirty shadows. We retouched them very sensitvely, optmized the dirt, fingerprints, scratches and a lot of folding traces. We also optimized and recolored the posters.

LEFT: before with knicks and dirt / RIGHT: after the retouched corrections

Check out the detailed information  on Kickstarter! Thanks for watching, sharing or backing this  Poster Project!

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