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10.23 Apparel

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Update, Nov. 28: Forgot about mockup for a design we did! Added: Hoodie, black, "We Will Not Be Silenced". Also note that designs here are pre-production, we'll be revising them. And we are looking at printing these designs not just on 1 garment each as shown below, but each design being available in t-shirt, crew neck or hoodie. You'll be able to choose design, color and size per garment you want to get.


Freedom to Share.

What does that mean to you? For those of you who used isoHunt for years and was saddened by its shutdown, how much do you want to speak up about how much you believe in file sharing as a way of sharing culture itself, that one download doesn’t equal one lost sale, and how much you want the Internet to stay free? Free as in freedom, free as in speech and free from censorship?

Crewneck, truffle, "Freedom to Share"

Tank top, black, "FTS"




What is that to you? Just stuff you put on or is there more to it? Fashionistas may call clothing both art and identity of who you are. But what about the rest of us? However much or little we care about fashion, it speaks either way about who we are and what kind of impression we want to leave with people we meet.


So why do so few of us wear what we believe in? Do you believe in freedom of information? The freedom to not be spied upon? Do you want to tell your government to stop watching us? What about human rights, animal rights? Causes that help not just the super typhoon that hit Philippines, but causes and programs that brings aid and save lives as much as possible in preparation for the next disaster?

T-shirt, black, "Stop Watching Us"

Tank top, grey, "Stop Watching Us"

I believe the problem is, we aren’t happy wearing the usual low quality t-shirt with just letters of our favorite organizations. Not the usual tee with SPCA or even isoHunt splattered on top. Clothes branded for social causes and organizations are generally not very stylish. We believe there’s something bigger in clothes design than just making new t-shirts for isoHunt. What’s missing for social causes, is clothes that you would be proud to wear daily, because it shows statements of what you believe in, AND also looking stylish wearing it.

T-shirt, black, "isoHunt: 10 Years in Remembrance."

T-shirt, black limited edition, "Garybama: Share"

The problem we want to solve with the Viva 10.23 brand is bring both form and function to clothes design. Form in high quality garment and stylish designs, and function in displaying statements we believe in for the world to see. Stylish looking clothes alone isn’t good enough, and neither is the usual t-shirt displaying letters and statements. I want to help start a clothing line that does both. And the majority of profits made will be donated to nonprofits that champions the very statements embedded in these cool clothes designs. Orgs like EFF, OpenMedia.ca, Wikimedia. As well as development funds for new musicians and filmmakers, because in order to have the Freedom to create, artists should be financially enabled.


Hoodie, blue, "Information Without Borders"


Hoodie, black, "We Will Not Be Silenced"


We want to create stylish, everyday clothes carrying funny and ironic twists to statements you believe in, and your money funding in support of those same statements. And if you should help us getting this project funded on Kickstarter, we can turn Viva 10.23 into a platform for graphic designers in every country, each with local social issues, to bring to market stylish and meaningful clothing relevant in those countries. We are starting with designs now that relates to information freedoms, but my dream is to bring that to every cause relevant to every country possible. With designs that are collaborative and open sourced, and designs that can also be white labelled to other clothing brands.



Viva 10.23 brand, based on theme of death and rebirth



Clothing with funny or political statements alone aren't enough. Neither is merchandize made and sold as just fundraisers. And neither is fashion design that just looks awesome. We believe in doing all three. This is Viva 10.23: political fashion. Fun and seriously stylish clothing for advocates of information freedom.




This pre-Kickstarter project brought to you by:


  • Clifford Joe, 15 years clothing industry veteran. Project founder

  • Gary Fung, isoHunt.com founder. Project consultant (will take a fee of $110)


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