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This project has already launched.

Be my "label" and help fund & promote This World, a house music EP feat. artists like Norma Jean Wright & Luci Martin formerly of CHIC

Hi everyone, I'm sylvano.

Music has always been a real passion of mine and I’ve worked for many years towards perfecting my own tracks – with the dream of someday releasing my own album.

The time has finally come – I’m now ready to release my first EP, but I need your help in making my dream a reality.

"This World" is a 5 track, house/dance EP, featuring a range of artists including two of the former singers from the famous 70’s disco band CHIC (Aaahh freak out! le freak, c'est CHIC).

My main goal is to finish the mix and mastering of the EP and promote it through different channels with the support of promotion agencies. There are so much music in the internet that if you don't promote your music with specialists, you simply don't exist. If I reach more than the minimum (video clips, new music, more promotion...) you & all your friends with whom you'll decide to share are a key factor of this success.

One of the most memorable experience was on the track «this world» with Norma Jean Wright & Luci Martin. Two former singers of the famous disco band: CHIC (Le Freak, Good times, Everybody dance...) they also had a remarkable solo career & collaboration with Diana Ross, Sister Sledge and many others.


I contacted them through MySpace and without any expectations, i got an answer, which was very positive.

We had a great conversation about my project and what I was willing to achieve. I shared a brief about something that many of us are living daily, where we focus so much on work instead of simply living. They came back with the tremendous lyrics and vocals you can hear below.

The other singers i had the chance to work with: Enya Angel, Cail Baroni, Glenn Travis & Jessica Lawrence are young very talented artists that you'll hear more about soon. I loved working on this project with them, they are true inspirations and we did truly great music together. Have a listen of their great music.

The quadrant represent the soul of 4 tracks of the EP. The album cover has been designed by Mr Doodle, a very talented London artist i discovered on Instagram. I reached out to him & I explained my artistic vision on the project and shared the music. He liked it and designed this exclusive piece of art out of the lyrics & music he heard. I hope you'll love it too! (see more details on the cover at the end)

I'm crowdfunding this EP to help pay for mixing, marketing, and everything else. Your support will keep me in the studio to finalise the music I've created with the singers and will help me design, package, market, and distribute the album. The whole thing. I literally cannot do it without you.

The music


The rewards


I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you and hopefully get your support

Thank you



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