“I am Setsuna” Paper-Tape Music Box
“I am Setsuna” Paper-Tape Music Box

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The beautiful world of snow and the story of Setsuna, resurrected through delicate music box tones. The in-game melodies from the JRPG I am Setsuna have been elegantly recreated on this paper-tape music box. We would like you to experience a different flavor of the world of Setsuna with your very own hands.



Unforgettable music, unforgettable memories.

The world of I am Setsuna, developed by Tokyo RPG Factory with the concept of “bringing back the Golden Era of JRPGs,” has finally stepped into reality. As you play this music box, Setsuna’s heart-rending story drifts out to you in delicate tones. The I am Setsuna Paper-Tape Music Box Set allows you to deliver the story of Setsuna with your very own hands.
I am Setsuna is known for its wonderful music. Now, what miracles would result if we played the beautiful melodies that match so perfectly with the game on a music box? That notion is what inspired us to begin this project.
This hand-turned music box comes with a “paper-tape” music sheet, allowing you to play the melody just by turning the handle. The expression of the song is entirely up to the way you choose to perform it. The paper-tape music sheet also features characters from the game which help to complete the story alongside the flowing music. We just can’t wait for you to experience the charm with your own hands! Of course, it can also make the perfect for gift for someone special!


On the body of the music box, you will find the stylized “I am Setsuna” logo and the iconic silhouette of the tree from the game delicately carved onto the front. In addition, the first 100 music boxes will have a unique serial number carved onto the back, making them truly one of a kind!
*Sample design. Actual product may vary.

The music box comes with a paper-tape music sheet for the original song “Winter journey's tale” from the game, upon which the characters from I am Setsuna are printed. These pixel characters only appear in certain places in the game. If you’ve played the game before, do you remember where they appear?

Carefully separate the music sheet into four pieces, reconnect them into one long paper-tape music sheet, and you’re ready to perform! With you own hands, gently send the paper off to the music box. We’ve prepared an instruction manual in English as well, so don’t worry! Just enjoy that moment of suspense as you wonder what sort of sounds your little music box will play!

Watch as the characters progress through the music box together with the beautiful melody!

The pixel characters that appear on the music sheet are selected from the characters shown below. As for which characters in particular will show up on your music sheet, that’s for you to find out yourself!

Early Bird backers (limited to 100 backers only) will receive a music box with a unique serial number carved onto the back. Yup! It’ll be a one-of-a-kind music box that belongs to you and you only!

You cannot choose your serial number.

In addition, Early Bird backers will also receive an original I am Setsuna postcard!

One more special point we’d like to bring your attention to this time is the package that the music box comes in.
Old-school gamers are sure be extra excited about this one - the package pays homage to the paper box packages of Super Famicom games! Just getting your hands on this box could very well be more than worth it already! We hope you’ll enjoy reliving the anticipation and suspense of getting a new Super Famicom game back in the day when you open this box!

The Japanese version of I am Setsuna is titled “Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna.” For this project, we went with the English title because the project is mainly geared towards fans overseas. However, fans in Japan are also welcome to back and support this project! This English version could even be a rare item in and of itself for Japanese fans!

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna
*Sample design. Actual product may vary.

The Song

This music box comes with the song “Winter journey's tale” from I am Setsuna.
You can listen to a sample of the song below. Remember, however, that with your own music box, the way the song is expressed depends on the way you choose to perform it. That is the true charm and pleasure of paper-tape music boxes.
“Winter journey's tale” Sample 


・Music box (116x60x52mm, Material: Japanese hemlock wood)
・I am Setsuna Original Music Sheet “Winter journey's tale”
・Hole punch (x1)
・Music sheet cards (x5)
・English manual
・Super Famicom game box style package (190x105x30mm)
・I am Setsuna Original Postcard (100 Early Bird backers only)

With the music sheet cards and hole punch that come with your music box, you can create your own original songs, too! An English instruction manual is included as well, so you can figure out exactly how it’s done!


How Does The Paper-Tape Music Box Work?
Turn the handle to move the paper-tape music sheet through the device.
The pins on the device contact the holes in the music sheet, sounding delicate notes!
By switching music sheets, you can play an unlimited number of songs.
With the included music sheet cards, you can even create your own original songs!
The musical expression changes based on the way you turn the handle.
Think of turning the handle as performing a piece, and the music box becomes an instrument.
A good performance requires practice,
But don’t let that bar you from telling your own story.
Play a touching tale, and share it with someone special to you.

In addition, music sheets for various songs can be purchased separately on the TOM Premium Shop, so with your paper-tape music box you can play many other tunes as well! All of the music sheets feature artwork that matches the song, so you can enjoy a visual story along with the delicate chimes of your music box!
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I am Setsuna

With inspiration from the JRPG with time-honored popularity Chrono Trigger, I am Setsuna (Japanese title: Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna) was created as an homage to the “Golden Era of JRPGs.” In order to save the people of her village, Setsuna is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice as she sets out on her journey.

Gameplay Just Like Back Then

All those role-playing games that we played back in the day still remain strongly imprinted in our memories today. Forming parties, buying items in towns, dungeon strategies, defeating last bosses with only a drop of HP to spare… and of course the tears we shed during those ending scenes. The touching moments that those famous games bestowed upon us haven’t lost their glimmer even today. Let’s bring them back. Our RPGs. In I am Setsuna, as your escort fleet travels toward the ends of the earth, you visit various towns, gather equipment, and battle savage monsters along the way. This is a game in which you can experience growth and enjoy the fundamental pleasures of RPGs.
©2016 Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd. All rights Reserved.
Project Team
Project Owner: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

Reliable & High-Quality International Delivery
Your rewards will be delivered to your doorstep by the Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop, an online shopping website that has delivered to as many as 100,000 fans in over 100 countries and regions around the world. With high quality packaging designed to endure the international journey and friendly customer support staff that will take full responsibility for your package until it arrives in your hands, you can rest assured!


FAQ will be updated as questions are received.

Q: Where are these music boxes shipping from?
A: Straight from Japan, fulfilled by Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Q: When will my music box arrive?
A: Rewards are expected to ship in December 2016, and should arrive at your doorstep by mid to late December.

Q: Where can I read up on how to use the music box?
A: Your music box will come with an English instruction manual. A video tutorial will also be up soon!

Q: Are the music sheet cards in Japanese-style?
A: Don’t worry, the English version comes with non-Japanese-style music sheet cards to match. (Japanese-style music sheet cards feature the Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si scale, while the English version comes with music sheet cards featuring the C D E F G A B scale.)

Q: I’m an Early Bird backer! Can I choose my serial number?
A: Unfortunately, serial numbers cannot be chosen.

Q: Is gift wrapping available?
A: Gift wrapping is not available for this project.
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