“Cash Bag” Anti-Theft Carrying Bag with Locator – The Next Fashion Hit
“Cash Bag” Anti-Theft Carrying Bag with Locator – The Next Fashion Hit

The Cash Bag Anti-Theft Carrying Bag from inventor Cassius Booth. The Cash Bag is a unique bag that is designed for use by both men and women and features fashion with a personal security system for the safety of the user’s valuables eliminating the problems associated with identity theft. Fashion meets technology in the Cash Bag and provides the world's safest carrying bag giving men and women peace of mind. Cash Bag is a backpack that can save your life.

The Cash Bag features include a combination locking system, GPS locater, a remote control to lock, unlock , track with GPS, integrated battery charging port and a tough, durable, yet attractive exterior material.  This backpack is constructed out of Kevlar, the mysterious super fiber that is bulletproof and has bullet proof pads which adds more value in your safety.

The bag doubles as a backpack, purse and laptop bag and can be modified to include a keyless entry lock or combination lock.

The Cash Bag can be consumed by anyone, be it attorneys, CEO's, Health care professionals, Fashion divas, Hikers, Campers, Golfers, children's and cognitively impaired patients.

Cash Bag has limitless uses, it can be used as a backpack for school age kids which you could use to locate your child. Color choices, sizes, economy or deluxe version are available. The cash bag is still pending patent, and required funds to create its first prototype. Help us make Cash Bag a reality. DONATE NOW

If you are interested in additional information, please contact the inventor. 


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