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What are the top traffic sources for Kickstarter projects


In a 4-hour work week blog post the author shares data on traffic sources for Kickstarter projects, which are, in paraphrased form:

  1. Social media

  2. Kickstarter

  3. Blogs

This is a deceptive list, however, because most people see social media and think about their own social media presence. While it’s good to share your crowdfunding project through your own social media, you’re not going to drive much traffic to your page that way.

What’s really happening here is this: a blogger writes a blog post about your project, and that blog post gets shared on social media.

For example, the Linear Calendar project we ran was featured by Fast Company, and that article was shared hundreds of times on social media.

social media

And thus we see that blog posts are the genesis of social media activity – they are what drive sharing.

So in reality, the list of Kickstarter traffic sources is, in order:

  1. Blogs (+resulting social media shares)

  2. Kickstarter

And that’s it.

Now that you know that, your job is to maximize exposure through both blogs and Kickstarter itself, something we’ll cover in a later post. Check out this post and learn how to really increase your sign ups.

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