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The User Method

User Method

Forget everything you’ve learned about creating new businesses. Forget market research. Forget customer interviews. Forget everything business schools teach. Forget about “finding pains in the market” or trying to create a monopoly, or gaining user empathy, or validating hypotheses.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Without doing any of that, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook and had 75% of the Harvard student body join in less than one month; Dropbox wound up with 1 million users and a hockey-stick growth curve seven months after launch; the founder of Spanx went from selling fax machines door-to-door to becoming the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire in just over ten years; the founders of Apple, Porsche, Uber, Ford, Airbnb, and countless others created great businesses.

But if their success wasn’t the result of traditional tactics, how did they do it? Dumb luck? Genius intellect? Magic?

The surprising truth is that the founders of some of the world’s most successful companies followed a remarkably simple approach: they simply made something they wanted to use. Then they showed it to other people.

That method and the crucial principles that make it work are shared in shared in all sixteen of the User Method research cases, and an endless list of others.

– Apple

– Facebook

– Ford

– Uber

– GoPro

– Dropbox

– Porsche

– Airbnb

– YouTube

– Spanx

– Basecamp

– Qualtrics

– Sunrider

– FP

– Sodalicious


The User Method tells the astounding stories of how the founders identified massive opportunities, created phenomenal products, and grew iconically successful businesses, and synthesizes data from the cases into straightforward, easy-to-apply principles.


Coming soon.

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