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The 3 Lies of Crowdfunding Marketing vs. Flash Traffic - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

The 3 Lies of Crowdfunding Marketing vs. Flash Traffic

Crowdfunding campaigns typically last a matter of weeks (4 is typical), during which time the amount of money raised is a direct result of the amount of traffic a project is able to generate.

Many marketing firms, “how-to” blog posts, etc., preach that to drive traffic to a crowdfunding project, project creators should primarily do three things:

  1. Build relevant content
  2. Optimize for search keywords
  3. Do social media

They’re lies. Each of those strategies typically take months to show any fruits, and you’re on a four week deadline (assuming you’re not already a few days or weeks into your campaign). Though the three tactics mentioned above truly are necessary long term strategies, long term doesn’t exist for crowdfunding projects.

So what’s the solution?

As coined by one of our partners, it’s called flash traffic. Flash traffic means huge spikes in traffic for very short periods of time.

This is accomplished by injecting your project into an existing stream of traffic, like a well-read blog, news article, or maybe someone’s Twitter feed if they have a massive following.

Here’s a visual comparison of the two strategies.


Flash traffi


You’ll notice that the traditional marketing is much more consistent and actually grows over time, while the flash traffic curve is more jagged and doesn’t necessarily lead to consistent traffic growth.

The major difference, however, in the context of crowdfunding, is the total number of visits generated over the time period. It is obviously much higher in the case of flash traffic, even though in the long run traditional marketing would probably win.

This can be overcome if you’re willing to begin building traffic to a site months before you launch your campaign (which we recommend) and then leveraging it into a crowdfunding campaign, but if you don’t have that luxury, flash traffic beats traditional marketing every time.


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