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5 Tips for Making a Simple (but Good) Kickstarter Video - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

5 Tips for Making a Simple (but Good) Kickstarter Video

We recently talked to a project creator who spent $20,000 on her Kickstarter video only for the project itself to perform dismally and ultimately fail. Major bummer.

So, here are a few tips for easily creating a video that’s simple but good.

1. Product and person

The simplest type of video we’ve seen that still incorporates everything a crowdfunding video should is composed of two simple sections: one where the creator talks about the project, and another showcasing the project itself. Here’s a great example:


2. No cuts

You’ll notice in the video above that the first section is one continuous shot – they never cut to a different angle or even to a different shot when they mess up the intro.

Emulating this will greatly simplify your video production, especially if it’s something new to you. Instead of sorting through shot after shot, finding the sections of each on that are good enough and then editing a each section together, you’ll be able to drop a complete clip into your video and be done.

It will probably still take a few attempts, but once you get a full shot that’s good enough, you will have saved yourself hours of time on the editing end.

3. Use PowerPoint

The following video was created in PowerPoint, which allows more flexibility than some software and is very simple to create, because each new cut is simply a new slide in the presentation.

5. Use great music

Great music can make a really bad video seem really good, so just do it. A couple good places to find free music are:

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