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Successful Kickstarter -> Take over the world - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Successful Kickstarter -> Take over the world

We recently completed (and wrote a few blog posts about) a Kickstarter project called the Linear Calendar, a long paper calendar which displays the entire year on one timeline.


That project generated $25,704.

Since the project ended, we’ve done an additional $10,969 in about 5 weeks.

So now we’re up to $36,673, and we sell more every. Single. Day.

The big question in our minds now is – “how do we leverage that success into something bigger?”

There are plenty of Kickstarter projects that do well and then disappear. Or continue to do the same thing over and over and never use their success to lever up to the next step.

For example, the Supr Slim wallet did extremely well – over $200,000 from more than 6,000 backers.

Supr Slim


Today, over a year later, the Supr Slim guys are still selling their wallet – but that’s it.

They haven’t launched another project, they haven’t created another product, they haven’t used the wallet to expand their design firm from what we can gather – nothing!

Contrast that with Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang, who’ve created eleven Kickstarter projects and announce each new project to all their previous backers, creating a compounding effect and even larger success for each subsequent project.

Or the Coffee Joulies guys, who started on Kickstarter and raised over $300k, then continued selling, got in to retail, and eventually went on the show Shark Tank to raise an additional six figure sum to continue growing their business.

Coffee joulies


In our case with the Linear Calendar, we knew that paper calendars would be easily commoditized and that we wouldn’t be able to compete in that space for very long, so we started looking for ways to leverage our success into something bigger.

That, for us, means software, but it could be anything – retail sales, the next calendar design, take printing in-house and begin a print shop – anything that’s bigger.

So we threw up a page with mock-ups and a sign-up form on the Linear Calendar website to test the concept of building a software product with the Linear Calendar as it’s theme. Here’s the core mock-up we used:



On that page, there was a sign-up form saying “start your two-month free trial”. It looks like a real product. The form looks like a real sign-up form. But none of it is.

In fact, that mock-up was made in Powerpoint.

But the point is, people started signing up! Thinking that they were actually starting a free trial.

So many have signed up, in fact, that we’ve begun building the software, which has potential to be a much larger business than the paper calendars, with recurring revenue and much higher margins.

Once we finish the software, we have over 1,000 people we can email to attract our initial user-base – all people who bought a linear calendar.

So what we’re really trying to do is leverage each and every asset that the first success gave us into the next project. If that works, we’ll try to leverage the assets we gain there into the next project.

And on and on until we take over the world.

But seriously.

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