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Serial Crowdfunding: Part One - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Serial Crowdfunding: Part One

IPX-PRO Serial Crowdfunding

One day into their crowdfunding project launch, Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang had already raised $18,456 toward their $50,000 goal.


Their product, an aluminum case for notebooks called the IPX -PRO, was off to an envious start. Because Kickstarter features recently launched projects, it’s not uncommon for a new project to gain early traction, but sharply declining pledges over the next few days suggests that something else was at play in this case.


The project video opens with the project creators smiling at the camera, saying, “We’re really glad to be back with a new project. We want to say thank you to all the backers who have supported us in previous projects.”


Perhaps due to the youth of, not many project creators have created more than one campaign. Chadwick and Joe, however, are no ordinary project creators – they’re serial crowdfunders. The IPX-PRO is their tenth project launched on Kickstarter since 2011.


Of their previous 9 projects, 7 were funded successfully, raising a total of $501,544 from 7,475 backers.


In the comments section of the IPX-PRO project, we get a better idea of how the project was able to generate such huge success on its first day. The first six backer comments read:


“First to comment! :-)

“This is my 3rd time backing a BIGiDESIGN project, and you guys keep getting better with each project. I use my hub daily and love pulling out my Solid Titanium Pen at meetings. Looking forward to an awesome notebook cover!”

“You guys are gonna make your funding goal in no time ;-)”


“Love the new project! I backed as well of course :).

And I have a request though. At my office, I use yellow notepads as well, can you make a combo cover to utilize the cover for a notepad? Just a thought. Thanks!”

“I love your projects! Use my desk organizer and titanium pen daily. Can’t wait for these too!!”

“Happy to see (and back!) another BIGiDESIGN project! Will be spreading the word to everyone I know, whether they care or not :) Keep up the good work guys”

“Happy to back another BIGiDESIGN project! This will go wonderfully with my Titanium pen!!! Thanks!!!”

“This may be a dumb question, but is there a ‘Large’ Notebook cover on the way too?

Third time backing you guys- love your products and ideas!”


In addition to the good reputation Chadwick and Joe were able to foster through their previous projects, they had also amassed a fan base of 7,475 people which they could leverage for future projects.


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