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Prefundia “Coming Soon” Pages Redesigned! - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Prefundia “Coming Soon” Pages Redesigned!

Prefundia Coming Soon Pages Redesigned

Greetings, Prefundians.

We just made a few improvements to the design of the Prefundia “coming soon” pages in order to help users gain more followers.

Firstly, the main project card is now displayed at the top of the page along with the rest of the content, whereas before it was only shown on the project cards.

Prefundia Coming Soon Page Project Card

To the right of the main image, there’s a section for the project title, tagline (coming soon), and email capture form. This change pulls all the really important stuff into the same section and makes the email capture form a part of the content itself.

Title box


In addition, the email capture form is now given half the width of the page, whereas before it was given 1/3 of the page and lumped in with a bunch of ancillary elements like the share buttons and the Featured Projects section.

We changed the button text from “Go!” to “Get early access” in order to give followers a stronger and more specific reason to sign up.

These changes are modeled after our SpringSled experiments which have been extremely successful, and we expect to see more people signing up for projects as a result.

The content section is now given the entire width of the content area instead of the old 2/3 design. Font size has increased slightly and the content is centered.


We moved the featured projects section to the bottom of the page along with the social share icons in order to remove distractions from the project content itself.

These changes make Prefundia both more attractive and more effective as a pre-launch “coming soon” page tool.

Create your Prefundia “coming soon” page here. Also, check out how you can get thousands of people to visit your “coming soon” page here.





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